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"historical" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

historical przymiotnik

historical + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 552
Historical Society • historical record • historical event • historical figure • historical novel • historical significance • historical context • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
  • A historical account of the church was published in 1947.
  • Usually those were historical accounts, but one could never tell.
  • This is a very large and ancient town which have a lot of historical account.
  • The first historical accounts of the village was in 1341.
  • This book, written in Latin, is an important historical account.
  • I should have realized before that the historical accounts made no sense.
  • Others were contemporary with this period, and are also known from historical accounts of the time.
  • Historical accounts conflict and are not clear as to what details were known.
  • Some historical accounts claim the ride was built and opened in 1925.
  • Following her brief historical account, we had an hour to wander in and around the late-19th-century house.
15. historical importance = historyczne znaczenie historical importance
24. historical period = historyczny okres historical period
25. historical value = historyczna wartość historical value
33. historical drama = dramat historyczny, dramat kostiumowy, serial kostiumowy, film historyczny, film kostiumowy historical drama
37. historical moment = historyczny moment historical moment
41. historical material = historyczny materiał historical material
45. historical reason = historyczny powód historical reason
47. historical subject = historyczny temat historical subject
55. historical work = historyczna praca historical work
57. historical time = historyczny czas historical time
58. historical population = historyczna populacja historical population
61. historical region = kraina historyczna historical region
62. historical root = historyczny korzeń historical root
63. historical name = historyczne imię historical name
65. historical connection = historyczne połączenie historical connection
70. historical book = historyczna książka historical book
73. historical tie = historyczny krawat historical tie
76. historical experience = historyczne doświadczenie historical experience
77. historical term = historyczny termin historical term
78. historical setting = historyczna sceneria historical setting
79. historical basis = historyczna podstawa historical basis
80. historical role = historyczna rola historical role
81. historical link = historyczne połączenie historical link
83. historical process = historyczny proces historical process
85. historical theme = historyczny temat historical theme
86. historical standard = historyczny standard historical standard
88. historical reality = historyczna rzeczywistość historical reality
91. historical origin = pradawne źródło historical origin
92. historical painting = malarstwo historyczne historical painting
94. historical knowledge = historyczna wiadomość historical knowledge
95. historical point = historyczny punkt historical point
99. historical circumstance = historyczna okoliczność historical circumstance
100. historical city = historyczne miasto historical city
kolokacje pogrupowane znaczeniowo
Grup znaczeniowych: 100
przysłówek + historical
Kolokacji: 3
purely historical • most historical • strictly historical

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