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harbor rzeczownik

rzeczownik + harbor
Kolokacji: 58
Pearl Harbor • Sag Harbor • Boston Harbor • Bar Harbor • New York Harbor • Roslyn Harbor • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 11
  • Pearl Harbor, he said, was a little further on, around the point.
  • She then went back to Pearl Harbor for a month of rest.
  • He was in Pearl Harbor during his first year of service.
  • The beginning and the end come together at Pearl Harbor.
  • The fact is, both countries have probably learned from Pearl Harbor.
  • "Pearl Harbor," like many recent war movies, made an effort to look back at old times and see individuals who were invisible in their day.
  • "What possible difference could this business at Pearl Harbor make?"
  • He is 16 years old at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • It was about four in the morning at Pearl Harbor.
  • There was nothing new to report in Pearl Harbor, she said.
2. Sag Harbor = Zapadnięcie Port Sag Harbor
4. Bar Harbor = Bar Port Bar Harbor
6. Roslyn Harbor = Roslyn Port Roslyn Harbor
7. Lloyd Harbor = Lloyd Port Lloyd Harbor
9. Benton Harbor = Benton Port Benton Harbor
10. Dutch Harbor = Holenderski Port Dutch Harbor
11. Belle Harbor = Piękność Port Belle Harbor
harbor + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 42
Pearl Harbor attack • harbor seal • harbor entrance • harbor area • harbor view • ...
czasownik + harbor
Kolokacji: 18
attack Pearl Harbor • depart Pearl Harbor • overlook the harbor • enter the harbor • return to Pearl Harbor • ...
przymiotnik + harbor
Kolokacji: 39
safe harbor • natural harbor • small harbor • inner harbor • large harbor • ...
przyimek + harbor
Kolokacji: 16
via Pearl Harbor • on Pearl Harbor • at Pearl Harbor • to Pearl Harbor • for Pearl Harbor • ...

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