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gown rzeczownik

rzeczownik + gown
Kolokacji: 35
evening gown • wedding gown • ball gown • hospital gown • silk gown • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
1. evening gown = suknia wieczorowa evening gown
  • I was all right as the sister, but the part of the woman in the evening gown wasn't working.
  • She was made up as a high yellow in an evening gown!
  • Serious drama ahead with the return of the evening gown.
  • If there's anything you need in the way of an evening gown, or what not, just call the desk and give the order.
  • She stood up, pulled the evening gown over her head, and dropped it to the floor.
  • She had made a quick change into another dress, an evening gown.
  • Seated near the standing man was a woman in evening gown.
  • How else could she have changed into an evening gown?
  • It hadn't changed much, just put on its evening gown and dinner jacket.
  • "At night, they seemed to be wearing evening gowns of light, and nothing else."
3. ball gown = suknia balowa ball gown
4. hospital gown = koszula szpitalna hospital gown
5. silk gown = suknia jedwabna silk gown
6. velvet gown = aksamitna suknia velvet gown
gown + czasownik
Kolokacji: 12
gown hangs • gown wears • gown falls • gown makes • gown trims • ...
czasownik + gown
Kolokacji: 9
wear a gown • gown designed • dress gowns • put on one's gown • dress in a gown • ...
przymiotnik + gown
Kolokacji: 89
white gown • black gown • long gown • blue gown • red gown • green gown • ...
przyimek + gown
Kolokacji: 12
of one's gown • on one's gown • with gowns • for one's gown • in a gown • ...

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