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"friend" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

friend rzeczownik

rzeczownik + friend
Kolokacji: 82
childhood friend • lady friend • boyhood friend • family friend • college friend • girl friend • school friend • artist friend • woman friend • ...
friend + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 14
friend family member • friends list • Friends group • friend request • Friends School • ...
friend + czasownik
Kolokacji: 346
friend gathers • friend suggests • friend dies • friend tells • friend introduces • friend calls • friend visits • friend describes • ...
czasownik + friend
Kolokacji: 314
visit friends • invite friends • friend named • make friends • win friends • include friends • get friends • tell one's friends • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. friend named = przyjaciel nazwał friend named
5. win friends = przyjaciele zwycięstwa win friends
  • They got your friend and now you need a car.
  • So he got his friend to bring me in here.
  • They went back a long way and you get only so many old friends.
  • I'd finally got my two friends together, and they expected to turn up the money within the next couple hours.
  • Instead, he got friends to drive him to the medical office where his mother works.
  • When we give a party, the most important part is just getting friends together.
  • I just wanted you to know you've got friends here.
  • Got a friend coming, who might be able to help.
  • So now I have to get a friend to come.
  • They were now doing all this just to get his friend back.
20. know to one's friends = wiedzieć aby czyjś przyjaciele know to one's friends
23. turn to one's friend = zabierać się do pracy czyjś przyjaciel turn to one's friend
24. save one's friends = oszczędzać czyjś przyjaciele save one's friends
25. play one's friend = grać czyjś przyjaciel play one's friend
31. miss one's friends = opuszczać czyjś przyjaciele miss one's friends
33. give one's friend = dawać czyjś przyjaciel give one's friend
34. follow one's friend = następować czyjś przyjaciel follow one's friend
38. hang out with one's friends = wystawać z czyjś przyjaciele hang out with one's friends
41. watch one's friend = patrzyć czyjś przyjaciel watch one's friend
42. send one's friend = wysyłać czyjś przyjaciel send one's friend
46. show one's friends = pokazywać czyjś przyjaciele show one's friends
47. use friends = przyjaciele wykorzystania use friends
50. show to one's friends = widowisko aby czyjś przyjaciele show to one's friends
51. marry one's friend = brać ślub czyjś przyjaciel marry one's friend
52. choose one's friends = wybierać czyjś przyjaciele choose one's friends
58. borrow from friends = pożycz od przyjaciół borrow from friends
71. think one's friend = myśleć czyjś przyjaciel think one's friend
73. lead one's friends = prowadzić czyjś przyjaciele lead one's friends
74. dedicate to one's friend = poświęcać aby czyjś przyjaciel dedicate to one's friend
76. let one's friends = pozwalać czyjś przyjaciele let one's friends
79. put one's friends = kłaść czyjś przyjaciele put one's friends
82. receive friends = otrzymaj przyjaciół receive friends
83. recruit friends = przyjaciele rekruta recruit friends
84. challenge one's friends = wyzwanie czyjś przyjaciele challenge one's friends
85. make for one's friends = kierować się czyjś przyjaciele make for one's friends
86. recognize one's friend = rozpoznawać czyjś przyjaciel recognize one's friend
87. love one's friends = miłość czyjś przyjaciele love one's friends
88. name after one's friend = imię potem czyjś przyjaciel name after one's friend
89. think as a friend = pomyśl jako przyjaciel think as a friend
91. welcome friends = mile widziani przyjaciele welcome friends
92. talk about one's friend = rozmawiać czyjś przyjaciel talk about one's friend
93. stare at one's friend = wpatrywać się czyjś przyjaciel stare at one's friend
94. treat one's friends = traktować czyjś przyjaciele treat one's friends
95. accompany one's friend = towarzyszyć czyjś przyjaciel accompany one's friend
96. hear one's friends = słyszeć czyjś przyjaciele hear one's friends
97. take with friends = weź z przyjaciółmi take with friends
98. forget one's friends = zapominać czyjś przyjaciele forget one's friends
99. count among one's friends = liczyć wśród czyjś przyjaciele count among one's friends
100. mean friend = chciej przyjaciel mean friend
przymiotnik + friend
Kolokacji: 232
best friend • close friend • old friend • good friend • longtime friend • closest friend • mutual friend • lifelong friend • long-time friend • ...
przyimek + friend
Kolokacji: 47
with friends • from friends • between friends • by friends • without friends • ...

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