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freshman rzeczownik

rzeczownik + freshman
Kolokacji: 11
college freshman • school freshman • House freshman • SEC Freshman • Stanford freshman • ...
freshman + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 47
freshman year • freshman class • freshman season • freshman guard • freshman team • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
3. freshman season = pora roku studenta pierwszego roku freshman season
4. freshman guard = strażnik studenta pierwszego roku freshman guard
5. freshman team = student pierwszego roku zespół freshman team
6. freshman student = student pierwszego roku student freshman student
7. freshman quarterback = rozgrywający studenta pierwszego roku freshman quarterback
8. freshman Republican = student pierwszego roku republikanin freshman Republican
  • Such were the very ideas that brought the "infamous 1994 class of freshman Republicans" to power.
  • And many freshmen Republicans are openly splitting with the party's traditional line.
  • But most of the freshmen Republicans are not most politicians.
  • As a result, freshmen Republicans are considered particularly vulnerable.
  • He threatened to read aloud the names of eight freshmen Republicans who had voted against the proposal.
  • With the first Republican majority in 40 years and 73 freshman Republicans, the realignment is nearly revolutionary.
  • The ideological zeal of freshmen Republicans may have contributed to the logjam.
  • Washington State, for instance, has only eight seats in the House, and five will be filled next year with freshman Republicans.
  • For the freshmen Republicans this was the first vote that they cast in this House.
  • In his father's Senate, no one would have taken it personally if a freshman Republican from a liberal state voted against his own party.
9. freshman senator = senator studenta pierwszego roku freshman senator
freshman + czasownik
Kolokacji: 12
freshman running • freshman takes • freshman entering • freshman attends • freshman plays • ...
czasownik + freshman
Kolokacji: 6
enter freshmen • name Freshman • start several freshmen • house freshmen • freshman elected • ...
przymiotnik + freshman
Kolokacji: 18
incoming freshman • true freshman • only freshman • fellow freshman • new freshman • ...
przyimek + freshman
Kolokacji: 9
for freshmen • of freshmen • to freshmen • in one's freshman • with several freshmen • ...

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