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"football" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

football rzeczownik

rzeczownik + football
Kolokacji: 53
college football • school football • youth football • league football • rules football • association football • club football • ...
football + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 383
football player • Football League • football team • football game • football coach • football field • football match • football season • ...
football + czasownik
Kolokacji: 16
football running • Ohio football represents • football takes • Football lives • football playing • ...
czasownik + football
Kolokacji: 66
play football • watch football • include football • use for football • announce from football • coach football • compete in football • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 17
2. watch football = piłka nożna wachtowa watch football
3. include football = obejmuj piłkę nożną include football
4. use for football = wykorzystanie do piłki nożnej use for football
5. announce from football = ogłoś z piłki nożnej announce from football
6. coach football = piłka nożna autokarowa coach football
7. compete in football = weź udział w piłce nożnej compete in football
8. retire from football = wycofaj się z piłki nożnej retire from football
9. return to football = powrót do piłki nożnej return to football
10. leave football = zostaw piłkę nożną leave football
12. move into football = rusz się do piłki nożnej move into football
13. call football = rozmowa telefoniczna piłka nożna call football
14. quit football = pozbawiony piłka nożna quit football
15. love football = piłka nożna miłosna love football
16. like football = jak piłka nożna like football
  • Not bad for someone who didn't like football and wanted to quit the game after his freshman year in high school.
  • Or maybe we just had the good sense to like baseball and football better than the rest of the crowd.
  • "I like football, but soccer is such a beautiful game," adds his brother.
  • Table tennis is a great way to get fit, especially for children who don't like football.
  • Now he is a "normal" child who likes football and mathematics.
  • He wouldn't have thought that Ellie would be the sort of person who liked football, anyway.
  • I like playing football, too, but they wouldn't let me play in the village under-12 team because I'm a girl.
  • A lot of people don't like defensive football, but nowadays they're taking great athletes and putting them on defense.
  • I don't like football any more, I'd rather do maths.
  • At the core of our attitude is the fact that we simply don't like football.
17. start football = początek piłka nożna start football
przymiotnik + football
Kolokacji: 104
professional football • Gaelic football • pro football • Canadian Football • American football • amateur football • Argentine football • ...
przyimek + football
Kolokacji: 26
about football • in football • including football • for football • of football • ...

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