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"focus" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

focus rzeczownik

rzeczownik + focus
Kolokacji: 22
research focus • focus of one's work • focus of attention • Ford Focus • focus of one's life • ...
focus + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 9
focus group • focus area • district focus resource • focus point • Focus Feature • ...
focus + czasownik
Kolokacji: 37
focus shifts • focus remains • focus changes • focus turns • focus moves • ...
czasownik + focus
Kolokacji: 38
lose focus • rob one's focus • shift one's focus • change one's focus • keep one's focus • turn one's focus • switch one's focus • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 18
1. keep one's focus = trzymać czyjś nacisk keep one's focus
4. lack focus = nacisk braku lack focus
6. use as a focus = wykorzystanie jako ognisko use as a focus
7. return one's focus = wracać czyjś nacisk return one's focus
9. continue one's focus = kontynuować czyjś nacisk continue one's focus
10. use focus = nacisk wykorzystania use focus
11. retain one's focus = zachowywać czyjś nacisk retain one's focus
12. emphasize one's focus = podkreślać czyjś nacisk emphasize one's focus
13. offer with a focus = zaoferuj z naciskiem offer with a focus
  • It offers standardized training in image collection management, with a focus on the transition from analog to digital collections.
  • ICS offers a rigorous academic program with a focus on individual results and achievement.
  • Today it offers programs at both Bachelor's and Master's level, mostly with a focus on applied information technology.
  • The theater program at Perpich offers a general introduction to theatrical practice, with a primary focus in acting skills.
  • Eston College offers a variety of programs all with a focus on biblical studies and theology.
  • As of 2012 the school offers a crisis management course with a focus on the 2011 England riots.
  • This program is designed to offer free music training for youth with a focus on classical orchestral music.
  • Also known as Kings science academy, this secondary school aims to offer an academic curriculum with a focus on science.
  • Students are offered a broad curriculum, with a strong focus on high academic standards in all areas.
  • The program offered $77 million in two years alone, with a particular focus on rural areas.
(4) require, call
Kolokacji: 2
przymiotnik + focus
Kolokacji: 117
main focus • primary focus • major focus • particular focus • sharp focus • central focus • special focus • strong focus • new focus • ...
przyimek + focus
Kolokacji: 16
into focus • of focus • in focus • for one's focus • from one's focus • ...

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