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federal przymiotnik

federal + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 365
federal government • federal court • federal judge • federal law • federal agency • federal election • federal official • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. federal judge = sędzia federalny, sędzia sądu federalnego federal judge
4. federal law = prawo federalne (prawo obowiązujące na terenie całego kraju) federal law
  • The action came after months pressure from federal health officials.
  • When it was over, local, state and federal officials began meeting.
  • Also no future, if state, county and Federal officials have anything to say about it - which they do.
  • But federal officials said it was too early to tell whether this would be the case.
  • But federal officials say they are trying to protect the public.
  • Scientists and federal officials do not think in such terms.
  • This doesn't mean citizens want Federal officials to run their schools.
  • It seemed like a good idea to both doctors and federal officials.
  • Steve has spent more than 20 years working with local, state and federal officials.
  • Still, federal officials seemed to be trying to make sure the family's hopes were not too high.
12. federal agent = agent federalny federal agent
15. federal funding = finansowanie federalne federal funding
18. federal regulation = federalne rozporządzenie federal regulation
19. federal jury = federalna ława przysięgłych federal jury
22. federal aid = pomoc rządu federalnego federal aid
24. federal budget = budżet federalny federal budget
25. federal charge = federalna opłata federal charge
34. federal land = federalna ziemia federal land
36. federal crime = federalne przestępstwo federal crime
38. federal rule = federalna zasada federal rule
43. federal troop = federalna gromada federal troop
46. federal money = federalne pieniądze federal money
47. federal policy = federalna polityka federal policy
49. federal system = federacyjny system federal system
52. federal case = federalny przypadek federal case
53. federal Center = federalny Ośrodek federal Center
54. federal force = federalna siła federal force
55. federal recognition = federalne rozpoznanie federal recognition
57. federal officer = federalny urzędnik federal officer
58. federal courthouse = federalny gmach sądu federal courthouse
59. federal state = kraj związkowy, stan federalny federal state
63. federal politics = federalna polityka federal politics
64. federal bench = federalna ława federal bench
65. federal loan = federalna pożyczka federal loan
67. federal jurisdiction = federalna jurysdykcja federal jurisdiction
68. federal highway = federalna droga publiczna federal highway
69. federal Clean Act = federalna Czysta ustawa federal Clean Act
70. federal panel = federalny panel federal panel
71. federal trial = federalna rozprawa federal trial
72. federal marshal = federalny marszałek federal marshal
75. federal police = policja federalna federal police
76. federal worker = federalny robotnik federal worker
78. federal holiday = święto państwowe (dzień ustawowo wolny od pracy) federal holiday
79. federal study = federalna nauka federal study
80. federal debt = federalny dług federal debt
81. federal indictment = federalny akt oskarżenia federal indictment
82. federal funds rate = fundusze federalne stawka federal funds rate
83. federal effort = federalny wysiłek federal effort
84. federal commission = federalna komisja federal commission
86. federal revenue = federalny przychód federal revenue
87. federal seat = federalne miejsce federal seat
92. federal action = federalne działanie federal action
93. federal control = federalna kontrola federal control
94. federal structure = struktura federalna federal structure
95. federal candidate = federalny kandydat federal candidate
96. federal property = federalna własność federal property
98. federal census = federalny spis ludności federal census
100. federal bureaucracy = biurokracja federalna federal bureaucracy

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