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extract rzeczownik

rzeczownik + extract
Kolokacji: 23
plant extract • vanilla extract • leaf extract • cell extract • yeast extract • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. plant extract = wyciąg roślinny plant extract
  • Rascher became involved in testing a plant extract as a cancer treatment.
  • It turns out that Dilligenz is a plant extract.
  • Some have tried to appear natural by mixing these chemicals with plant extracts.
  • Much later he prepared plant extracts to serve as a contraceptive for one of his five daughters.
  • Many, if not most, common drugs were originally a substance that occurred in nature, such as various plant extracts.
  • The plant extract is used in diseases of the spleen.
  • Milk thistle plant extract might enhance the effects of estrogen.
  • A good example is a certain brown drink made from a plant extract.
  • That's not all the plant extracts from the garbage.
  • A large portion of that money is spent on research into plants and plant extracts.
2. vanilla extract = wyciąg z wanilii vanilla extract
extract + czasownik
Kolokacji: 5
extract contains • extract shows • extract appears • extract reduces • extract inhibits
czasownik + extract
Kolokacji: 8
contain extracts • extract is published • include extracts • extract is used • read extracts • ...
przymiotnik + extract
Kolokacji: 16
herbal extract • crude extract • short extract • aqueous extract • following extract • ...
przyimek + extract
Kolokacji: 6
of extracts • with extracts • in this extract • from extracts • to extracts • ...

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