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"executive" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

executive rzeczownik

rzeczownik + executive
Kolokacji: 232
company executive • business executive • industry executive • county executive • advertising executive • account executive • ...
executive + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 124
executive director • executive producer • executive committee • executive officer • executive order • Executive Council • ...
executive + czasownik
Kolokacji: 179
executive says • executive tells • executive resigns • executive makes • executive leaves • executive takes • executive agrees • ...
czasownik + executive
Kolokacji: 66
appoint executive • name executive • include executives • take over as executive • executive produced • elect executive • ...
przymiotnik + executive
Kolokacji: 110
chief executive • top executive • senior executive • corporate executive • retired executive • co-chief executive • young executive • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 31
1. chief executive = przewodniczący zarządu firmy, dyrektor generalny chief executive
4. corporate executive = dotyczące spółki kierownictwo corporate executive
5. retired executive = wysłany na emeryturę pracownik szczebla kierowniczego retired executive
6. co-chief executive = co-chief kierownictwo co-chief executive
7. young executive = młody pracownik szczebla kierowniczego young executive
8. new executive = nowe kierownictwo new executive
10. longtime executive = longtime kierownictwo longtime executive
11. financial executive = finansowy pracownik szczebla kierowniczego financial executive
12. Special Operations Executive = Operacje specjalne Kierownictwo Special Operations Executive
13. Japanese executive = Japońskie kierownictwo Japanese executive
14. real estate executive = kierownictwo nieruchomości real estate executive
15. public relations executive = kierownictwo zajmujące się public relations public relations executive
16. female executive = żeńskie kierownictwo female executive
17. interim executive = tymczasowe kierownictwo interim executive
19. creative executive = twórczy pracownik szczebla kierowniczego creative executive
20. familiar executive = dobrze znany pracownik szczebla kierowniczego familiar executive
21. prominent executive = znaczący pracownik szczebla kierowniczego prominent executive
22. key executive = dyrektor naczelny key executive
23. retail executive = kierownictwo detaliczne retail executive
25. black executive = czarnoskóry pracownik szczebla kierowniczego black executive
26. successful executive = odnoszący sukcesy pracownik szczebla kierowniczego successful executive
27. national executive = krajowy pracownik szczebla kierowniczego national executive
28. high-level executive = wysokie kierownictwo high-level executive
29. foreign executive = zagraniczny pracownik szczebla kierowniczego foreign executive
  • One economist, a senior foreign executive here, said the project was simply not viable.
  • Many foreign executives complain that Hungarians do not work hard enough.
  • The amazing art of management by top foreign executives never revealed to the Japanese.
  • But the current burst of enthusiasm at least reflects an important change in sentiment among foreign executives.
  • "I don't believe the idea that foreign executives are better able to implement changes."
  • Indeed, while filling the needs of many French students or professionals, they can train in a relatively short period some foreign executives.
  • Having the City of Moscow as his business partner helped him get more space than most foreign executives.
  • Based on many conversations with American and foreign executives I believe there is.
  • But many foreign executives believe that the dollar is near its low and is likely to increase in value over the next few years.
  • If they were not, the foreign executives would have left long ago.
30. local executive = miejscowy pracownik szczebla kierowniczego local executive
31. powerful executive = potężne kierownictwo powerful executive
przyimek + executive
Kolokacji: 17
by executives • among executives • including executives • of executives • to executives • ...

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