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escape czasownik

escape + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 120
escape death • escape persecution • escape destruction • escape injury • escape detection • escape punishment • escape capture • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 27
1. escape death = uniknąć śmierci escape death
2. escape persecution = prześladowanie ucieczki escape persecution
3. escape destruction = zniszczenie ucieczki escape destruction
5. escape detection = pozostać na wolności escape detection
6. escape punishment = uniknąć kary escape punishment
7. escape capture = zdobycie ucieczki escape capture
10. escape one's lips = uciekać czyjś wargi escape one's lips
11. escape prison = ucieczka więzienie escape prison
12. escape damage = uszkodzenie ucieczki escape damage
13. escape poverty = ubóstwo ucieczki escape poverty
14. attempt to escape = próba ucieknięcia attempt to escape
15. escape arrest = aresztowanie ucieczki escape arrest
  • He escaped arrest by the police, though several of his friends were caught.
  • The two men had escaped arrest at Holbeche house and were on the run.
  • An unidentified man has been shot to death while trying to escape arrest, the police said.
  • In Tulkarem, one man was killed when he tried to escape arrest.
  • Unless he felt sure that his investigator would die trying to escape arrest.
  • Sean's attempt to escape arrest failed, and only made him look guilty.
  • Going to London to escape arrest, he tried to make a living by writing.
  • The visitor did not have any money but wanted to go to Chicago to escape arrest.
  • That she would not escape arrest and condemnation was at once made clear to her.
  • For a year, he bicycled throughout the South to escape arrest.
16. chance to escape = okazja by uciec chance to escape
17. way to escape = droga do ucieczki way to escape
19. escape prosecution = ściganie sądowe ucieczki escape prosecution
20. escape one's life = uciekać czyjś życie escape one's life
22. escape one's wrath = uciekać czyjś gniew escape one's wrath
23. escape justice = uciec wymiarowi sprawiedliwości, uniknąć sprawiedliwości escape justice
24. escape scrutiny = analiza ucieczki escape scrutiny
25. escape responsibility = odpowiedzialność ucieczki escape responsibility
26. escape execution = stracenie ucieczki escape execution
27. escape imprisonment = uwięzienie ucieczki escape imprisonment
czasownik + escape
Kolokacji: 22
help to escape • manage to escape • attempt to escape • try to escape • seek to escape • flee to escape • allow to escape • ...
escape + przyimek
Kolokacji: 38
escape from • escape into • escape through • escape without • escape during • ...
escape + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 52
narrowly escape • barely escape • escape unscathed • escape unharmed • eventually escape • somehow escape • later escape • ...

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