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"effort" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

effort rzeczownik

rzeczownik + effort
Kolokacji: 217
war effort • relief effort • peace effort • rescue effort • research effort • marketing effort • lobbying effort • development effort • ...
effort + czasownik
Kolokacji: 194
effort fails • effort results • effort succeeds • effort proves • effort includes • effort leads • effort continues • effort seems • ...
czasownik + effort
Kolokacji: 257
resist efforts • oppose efforts • block efforts • organize efforts • effort aimed • require effort • reject efforts • waste effort • take effort • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 86
1. resist efforts = sprzeciw się wysiłkom resist efforts
2. oppose efforts = sprzeciw się wysiłkom oppose efforts
  • But the industry has blocked several efforts to do so.
  • So far, government agencies have blocked efforts to develop anything on the island.
  • Since 2003, security problems have blocked efforts to establish new enterprises.
  • "We don't have a defense against weapons of mass destruction, and the president has blocked all our efforts to increase national security," he said.
  • And he would be able to blame the Democrats for blocking his efforts to help the less fortunate.
  • And the administration has spent much of that time blocking efforts to aid Katrina's victims.
  • Such an order could be rescinded and would not block later efforts to write legislation.
  • Democrats have blocked most Republican tax-cutting efforts over the past few years.
  • But the insurers are resisting and have gone to court to block the Governor's efforts.
  • Pressing the ship from both sides, they blocked its efforts to advance.
5. effort aimed = wysiłek dążył effort aimed
8. waste effort = wysiłek odpadów waste effort
24. spend effort = wydaj wysiłek spend effort
25. assist in one's efforts = pomagać czyjś wysiłki assist in one's efforts
30. contribute to the war effort = przyczyń się do akcji ludności cywilnej na rzecz wojny contribute to the war effort
31. oversee one's efforts = nadzorować czyjś wysiłki oversee one's efforts
32. include efforts = obejmuj wysiłki include efforts
34. expand one's efforts = rozwijać czyjś wysiłki expand one's efforts
36. help in one's efforts = pomoc w czyjś wysiłki help in one's efforts
37. put in an effort = załóż wysiłek put in an effort
39. receive for one's efforts = otrzymywać dla czyjś wysiłki receive for one's efforts
41. renew one's efforts = odnawiać czyjś wysiłki renew one's efforts
42. follow one's efforts = następować czyjś wysiłki follow one's efforts
45. know for one's efforts = wiedzieć dla czyjś wysiłki know for one's efforts
50. effort is needed = wysiłek jest potrzebny effort is needed
51. save effort = oprócz wysiłku save effort
52. end one's efforts = koniec czyjś wysiłki end one's efforts
57. participate in efforts = uczestnicz w wysiłkach participate in efforts
58. use one's efforts = używać czyjś wysiłki use one's efforts
59. show for one's efforts = widowisko dla czyjś wysiłki show for one's efforts
63. spare no effort = nie szczędzić wysiłków, nie szczędzić trudu spare no effort
65. promote efforts = propaguj wysiłki promote efforts
66. encourage efforts = zachęcaj wysiłki encourage efforts
68. mount an effort = urządź wysiłek mount an effort
69. support in one's efforts = wsparcie w czyjś wysiłki support in one's efforts
71. discuss one's efforts = dyskutować czyjś wysiłki discuss one's efforts
73. award for one's efforts = nagroda dla czyjś wysiłki award for one's efforts
75. launch an effort = wprowadź na rynek wysiłek launch an effort
76. turn one's efforts = obracać się czyjś wysiłki turn one's efforts
77. back one's efforts = z powrotem czyjś wysiłki back one's efforts
78. unite one's efforts = jednoczyć czyjś wysiłki unite one's efforts
79. pursue efforts = prowadź wysiłki pursue efforts
81. go in an effort = pójdź w wysiłku go in an effort
82. reward for one's efforts = nagroda dla czyjś wysiłki reward for one's efforts
83. pay for one's efforts = płacić czyjś wysiłki pay for one's efforts
84. lead to efforts = poprowadź do wysiłków lead to efforts
85. stop one's efforts = zatrzymywać się czyjś wysiłki stop one's efforts
86. cost an effort = kosztuj wysiłek cost an effort
przymiotnik + effort
Kolokacji: 552
best effort • concerted effort • joint effort • collaborative effort • international effort • successful effort • considerable effort • ...
przyimek + effort
Kolokacji: 40
without effort • including efforts • against efforts • of one's efforts • for one's efforts • ...

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