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"earn" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

earn czasownik

earn + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 221
earn money • earn points • earn income • earn promotion • earn praise • earn wages • earn acclaim • earn recognition • earn honors • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
5. earn praise = zdobądź pochwałę earn praise
7. earn wages = otrzymaj zarobki earn wages
8. earn acclaim = zarób uznanie earn acclaim
11. earn status = zdobądź status earn status
16. earn several cents = zarób kilka centów earn several cents
18. earn one's PhD = zarabiać czyjś doktorski earn one's PhD
20. earn several percent = zarabiać kilka procent earn several percent
22. earn one's trust = zarabiać czyjś zaufanie earn one's trust
23. earn several Results = zdobądź kilka Wyników earn several Results
24. earn one's way = zarabiać czyjś droga earn one's way
  • The students helped build it, and, in doing so, many earned their way through school.
  • I'm not going to use our capital, I can earn my own way.
  • And I'd much rather earn my way by hard work than do something dramatic.
  • As a result, they were never able to earn their way back to health.
  • "My position is we need to earn our way out of the oversight process."
  • By 1933, six to ten boys earned their way through college each working there.
  • She was going to earn her way based on merit or not at all.
  • Since my father believed that everybody should earn their way, I was working at age 5.
  • They think more of taking a mate, earning their way.
  • Yes, he'd earned his way here, and that was important.
26. earn reviews = zasłuż na przeglądy earn reviews
27. earn interest = przynosić procenty, procentować earn interest
28. earn millions = zarób miliony earn millions
29. earn fees = zarób opłaty earn fees
30. earn fame = zdobądź sławę earn fame
31. earn one's livelihood = zarabiać czyjś środki do życia earn one's livelihood
32. earn several loss = zarabiać kilka strata earn several loss
34. earn revenue = zarób przychód earn revenue
35. earn selection = zdobądź wybór earn selection
36. earn admiration = zdobądź podziw earn admiration
37. earn attention = zdobądź uwagę earn attention
38. earn Player = zarób Gracza earn Player
39. earn accolades = zarób wyrazy najwyższego uznania earn accolades
43. earn a reputation = zasłużyć sobie na reputację, wyrobić sobie reputację earn a reputation
50. earn certification = zasłuż na poświadczenie earn certification
52. earn an average = zdobądź średnią earn an average
53. earn one's card = zarabiać czyjś karta earn one's card
54. earn marks = zarób znaki earn marks
57. earn rewards = zarób nagrody earn rewards
60. earn one's pay = zarabiać czyjś płaca earn one's pay
61. earn a total = zarób sumę earn a total
66. earn a gain = zarób zysk earn a gain
67. earn a trip = zasłuż na podróż earn a trip
68. earn a place = zasłużyć na miejsce (np. w drużynie olimpijskiej) earn a place
72. earn eBay Bucks = zarabiać eBay Kozły earn eBay Bucks
73. earn several inc = zarabiać kilka inc earn several inc
74. earn a contract = zarób umowę earn a contract
79. earn one's gratitude = zarabiać czyjś wdzięczność earn one's gratitude
82. earn a score = zdobądź wynik earn a score
83. earn a call-up = zasłuż na powołanie earn a call-up
85. earn one's license = zarabiać czyjś pozwolenie earn one's license
86. earn grades = zarób klasy earn grades
88. earn a draw = zasłuż na losowanie earn a draw
89. earn several Share earnings = zarób kilka dochodu z akcji earn several Share earnings
90. earn one's bread = zarabiaj na chleb earn one's bread
91. earn one's championship = zarabiać czyjś mistrzostwa earn one's championship
93. earn a Super ring = zarób pierścień super earn a Super ring
94. earn cash = zarób gotówkę earn cash
95. opportunity to earn = okazja by zarobić opportunity to earn
97. earn a move = zasłuż na ruch earn a move
98. earn support = zasłuż na wsparcie earn support
100. earn badges = zarób odznaki earn badges
czasownik + earn
Kolokacji: 26
expect to earn • try to earn • go to earn • allow to earn • start earning • ...
earn + przyimek
Kolokacji: 44
earn by • earn during • earn through • earn from • earn over • ...
earn + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 38
eventually earn • later earn • quickly earn • well earned • finally earn • ...

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