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early przysłówek

czasownik + early
Kolokacji: 388
leave early • begin early • start early • arrive early • die early • mentioned earlier • released early • retire early • occur early • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
8. retire early = przejdź na wcześniejszą emeryturę retire early
15. come early = przyjdź wcześnie come early
22. earlier known = wcześniejszy znany earlier known
27. say earlier = powiedz wcześniej say earlier
30. made earlier = uczyniony wcześniejszy made earlier
37. go early = pójdź wcześnie go early
38. used earlier = użyty wcześniej used earlier
39. found earlier = uważany za wcześniejszy found earlier
41. set earlier = umieść wcześniej set earlier
44. move early = rusz się wcześnie move early
46. get early = dostań wcześnie get early
47. founded earlier = założony wcześniej founded earlier
54. born earlier = urodzony wcześniejszy born earlier
57. stated earlier = stwierdzony wcześniej stated earlier
60. score early = zdobądź punkt wcześnie score early
64. heard earlier = słyszany wcześniej heard earlier
65. wake up early = budzić się wczesny wake up early
67. struggle early = walka wczesny struggle early
71. arrested earlier = aresztowany wcześniej arrested earlier
72. proposed earlier = zaproponowany wcześniej proposed earlier
74. win earlier = wygraj wcześniej win earlier
76. lead early = zaprowadź wcześnie lead early
77. created earlier = stworzony wcześniej created earlier
80. sent earlier = wysłany wcześniej sent earlier
  • All he had to do was the minimum required to not get sent home early.
  • Several British players had to be sent home early because the tour ran out of money.
  • In Indiana, most state government employees were sent home early.
  • He thought of the messages he'd sent earlier in the day and smiled.
  • "That message was sent earlier today in the hope it might reach you before we all were dead of advanced age."
  • A unnamed member of the team was sent home early.
  • The last four detainees were sent back to Afghanistan days earlier.
  • She could have sent that message earlier, but better late than never.
  • A message from the king was sent to him early in May, and he put the messenger into prison.
  • Schools were put in lockdown, and students sent home early.
81. run earlier = pobiegnij wcześniej run earlier
84. signed earlier = podpisany wcześniej signed earlier
88. break early = rozbij wcześnie break early
89. stop early = zatrzymaj się wcześnie stop early
90. told earlier = powiedziany wcześniej told earlier
91. diagnosed early = zdiagnozowany wcześnie diagnosed early
92. exist earlier = istniej wcześniej exist earlier
93. reached earlier = dojść wcześniej reached earlier
94. hit early = uderz wcześnie hit early
96. apply early = zastosuj wcześnie apply early
98. injured early = zraniony wcześnie injured early
100. bought earlier = kupiony wcześniej bought earlier
early + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 4
early medieval • evident early • early christian • available early

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