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drink czasownik

drink + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 84
drink water • drink beer • drink coffee • drink wine • drink tea • drink alcohol • drink fluids • drink milk • drink champagne • drink juice • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 31
6. drink alcohol = alkohol alkohol drink alcohol
  • "There are not many opportunities in this business to drink Champagne."
  • It seemed unlikely to me that I would ever drink champagne again.
  • Or do they just look for excuses to drink Champagne?
  • So they entered this season determined to drink champagne again.
  • I'd bought four, but mostly we used just two and drank champagne alone.
  • She is a loose woman, who likes nothing better than to drink champagne every day, and party the night away.
  • Then they drank more champagne, and it made them relax a little.
  • He took seats for the play, and they drank champagne at dinner.
  • The third man tells me "I'd like to drink champagne."
  • When she would focus again, Raven saw he was drinking champagne and watching her.
12. drink beverages = napoje napoju drink beverages
14. drink one's drink = napój czyjś napój drink one's drink
18. drink a lot = pij dużo drink a lot
19. drink whiskey = whisky napoju drink whiskey
20. drink liquor = alkohol wysokoprocentowy napoju drink liquor
21. drink brandy = brandy napoju drink brandy
23. drink vodka = wódka napoju drink vodka
24. drink soda = napój soda drink soda
25. drink whisky = napój whisky drink whisky
26. drink one's fill = napić się do syta drink one's fill
27. drink ale = ale napoju drink ale
28. drink Coke = napój cola drink Coke
29. drink one's health = napój czyjś zdrowie drink one's health
30. drink poison = trucizna napoju drink poison
czasownik + drink
Kolokacji: 21
start drinking • begin drinking • stop drinking • want to drink • go to drink • ...
drink + przyimek
Kolokacji: 30
drink up • drink down • drink from • drink during • drink at • ...
drink + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 46
drink heavily • drink deeply • drink together • drink deep • drink greedily • ...

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