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drift rzeczownik

rzeczownik + drift
Kolokacji: 6
Tokyo Drift • wind drift • drift of snow • clock drift • ice drift • ...
drift + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 7
drift net • drift ice • drift boat • drift velocity • drift tube • ...
przymiotnik + drift
Kolokacji: 29
genetic drift • continental drift • general drift • deep drift • slow drift • ...
przyimek + drift
Kolokacji: 10
of drift • in drifts • with drifts • into drifts • through the drifts • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 4
1. of drift = z dryfu of drift
2. in drifts = w dryfach in drifts
4. into drifts = do zwałów into drifts
6. for drift = dla dryfu for drift
7. at one's Drift = przy czyjś Dryf at one's Drift
  • The Killings at Badger's Drift was well received by the mystery community.
  • The stand at Rorke's Drift was immortalised in the 1964 movie Zulu.
  • Said that it worked at Rorke's Drift, wherever that was.
  • My husband was at Rorke's Drift, said Ann, quietly, looking at him as though he were a stranger.
  • Then one wing of the Zulu army, about 4000 warriors, moved on to finish off the station at Rorke's Drift.
  • The Zulus next target was the hospital base at Rorke's Drift.
  • Chard remained at Rorke's Drift for several weeks after the battle and assisted with the construction of a new stone perimeter wall.
  • At Rorke's Drift, outnumbered British soldiers drive the attackers away after hours of fighting.
  • The little museum at Rorke's Drift, with its old-fashioned life-size dioramas, makes an effort to respect the dead on both sides.
  • Bromhead and the rest of the uninjured survivors remained at Rorke's Drift for several weeks after the battle.
8. from drift = ze zwału from drift
9. by drift = przez sens by drift
10. on drift = o dryfie on drift

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