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direct czasownik

direct + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 138
direct episodes • direct plays • direct traffic • direct operations • direct one's attention • direct one's efforts • direct one's fire • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 30
3. direct traffic = bezpośredni ruch uliczny direct traffic
7. direct one's fire = kierować czyjś ogień direct one's fire
9. direct commercials = bezpośrednie reklamy direct commercials
10. direct attacks = bezpośrednie ataki direct attacks
14. direct questions = pytania bezpośrednie direct questions
16. direct development = bezpośredni rozwój direct development
18. direct an adaptation = wyreżyseruj adaptację direct an adaptation
21. direct people = bezpośredni ludzie direct people
22. direct one's men = kierować czyjś ludzie direct one's men
23. direct research = bezpośrednie badania direct research
24. direct operas = bezpośrednie opery direct operas
26. direct one's feature = kierować czyjś cecha direct one's feature
27. direct one's course = kierować czyjś kurs direct one's course
28. direct money = bezpośrednie pieniądze direct money
  • What we said is, let's take into account as best we can who they seem to want to direct money to.
  • That bill would direct money to community mental health programs each time a bed was closed in one of the state's 22 psychiatric hospitals.
  • The power to direct public money into private hands explains why this "turf" is so fiercely defended.
  • If state officials want to direct money to the owners of wind farms, they should at least dole it out openly.
  • But, unfortunately, there is an impact from directing so much money at salaries.
  • Tax credits are useful mainly to middle-class parents, and would direct money at students who already have access to college.
  • The government will remain reluctant to direct money to this cause.
  • Campaigns make their decisions on targets - where to direct money, resources and the candidate himself - in stages.
  • In particular, we must direct money for medical research to our two largest problems: aging and addiction.
  • But in the 1980's it began directing money to more immediate applications.
29. direct one's staff = kierować czyjś personel direct one's staff
30. direct agencies = bezpośrednie agencje direct agencies
czasownik + direct
Kolokacji: 16
begin directing • go to direct • hired to direct • start directing • want to direct • ...
direct + przyimek
Kolokacji: 44
directed by • directed at • directed against • direct toward • directed towards • ...
direct + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 66
specifically directed • later direct • primarily directed • mainly directed • personally direct • ...

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