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currency rzeczownik

rzeczownik + currency
Kolokacji: 10
paper currency • U.S. currency • world currency • euro currency • fiat currency • ...
currency + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 85
currency market • currency trader • currency crisis • currency exchange • currency reserve • currency devaluation • ...
currency + czasownik
Kolokacji: 26
currency falls • currency rises • currency loses • currency appreciates • currency weakens • ...
czasownik + currency
Kolokacji: 43
gain currency • currency used • issue one's currency • buy currencies • give currency • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 7
1. gain currency = waluta przyrostu gain currency
  • This will mean £20bn-worth of sterling coming on to the market to buy foreign currency.
  • It can do this by using some of its foreign exchange reserves to buy local currency.
  • Guests are also able to buy travel insurance and foreign currency in the lounge.
  • Without tax revenue, the country is in debt and sells off some gold to buy currency.
  • This will allow you to buy and sell currency either over the telephone or through our online platform.
  • Spot market transaction is an agreement to buy or sell currency at the current exchange rate.
  • The government may try to keep the value of the local currency from rising by buying foreign currencies with it.
  • They exist in most major cities and buy foreign currency (but don't sell it) at the official exchange rate.
  • Like Sun, these companies use natural hedges and buy currency forwards.
  • To achieve this, the bank said it would buy foreign currency in "unlimited" quantities.
5. give currency = daj walutę give currency
6. use as currency = wykorzystanie jako waluta use as currency
7. earn currency = zarób walutę earn currency
przymiotnik + currency
Kolokacji: 95
foreign currency • hard currency • single currency • European currency • local currency • common currency • major currency • ...
przyimek + currency
Kolokacji: 12
against currencies • of currency • to currencies • in currency • with currency • ...

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