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"cup" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

cup rzeczownik

rzeczownik + cup
Kolokacji: 177
World Cup • FA Cup • Stanley Cup • Davis Cup • Ryder Cup • Gold Cup • paper cup • Memorial Cup • Challenge Cup • silver cup • ...
cup + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 174
Cup Winner • Cup Final • Cup race • Cup Classic • Cup match • cup holder • cup competition • Cup title • cup game • cup sugar • ...
cup + czasownik
Kolokacji: 25
Cup wins • FIFA Cup holds • cup contains • cup goes • cup comes • ...
czasownik + cup
Kolokacji: 83
play in the FIFA Cup • qualify for the World Cup • compete in the Cup • fill one's cup • participate in the FIFA Cup • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 42
2. fill one's cup = napełniać się czyjś filiżanka fill one's cup
3. put one's cup = kłaść czyjś filiżanka put one's cup
  • Paul was putting his cup in the sink when she turned around.
  • She put her cup on the coffee table and stood.
  • He discreetly put his cup on a table and turned back to her.
  • He put his cup carefully back on the table, slowly, then turned and looked at me.
  • He put his cup down slowly and let the smile go its own way.
  • He took a large sip of coffee and put his cup back down.
  • She put her cup down, then turned to face me again.
  • She put her cup and saucer down on the table.
  • "Wait," he said, putting his own cup down and starting toward her.
  • He put his cup down and walked out to join them.
4. set one's cup = umieszczać czyjś filiżanka set one's cup
5. pick up one's cup = poprawiać się czyjś filiżanka pick up one's cup
6. enter the FA Cup = wchodzić do FA Filiżanka enter the FA Cup
7. put down one's cup = kłaść czyjś filiżanka put down one's cup
8. raise one's cup = podnosić czyjś filiżanka raise one's cup
9. drain one's cup = odpływ czyjś filiżanka drain one's cup
10. reach the FA Cup = dochodzić do FA Filiżanka reach the FA Cup
13. participate in the FIFA Cup = uczestniczyć w FIFA Filiżanka participate in the FIFA Cup
14. make in the Gillette Cup = robić w Gillette Filiżanka make in the Gillette Cup
17. represent in the World Cup = reprezentuj w mistrzostwach świata represent in the World Cup
18. score in the FA Cup = wynik FA Filiżanka score in the FA Cup
19. set down one's cup = wysadzać czyjś filiżanka set down one's cup
22. play Davis Cup = gra Davis Filiżanka play Davis Cup
23. add several cups = dodaj kilka filiżanek add several cups
26. lift the cup = podnieś filiżankę lift the cup
27. hand a cup = podaj filiżankę hand a cup
28. get a cup = miej filiżankę get a cup
30. bring a cup = przynieś filiżankę bring a cup
31. know as the FA Cup = wiedzieć jako FA Filiżanka know as the FA Cup
32. appear in FIFA Cup = pojaw się w FIFA Cup appear in FIFA Cup
34. give a cup = daj filiżankę give a cup
35. offer a cup = zaoferuj filiżankę offer a cup
36. come in the Gillette Cup = wchodzić do Gillette Filiżanka come in the Gillette Cup
37. hold out one's cup = wytrzymywać czyjś filiżanka hold out one's cup
38. finish one's cup = kończyć czyjś filiżanka finish one's cup
39. lead to the Stanley Cup = prowadzić do Stanleya Filiżanka lead to the Stanley Cup
41. reach for one's cup = sięgać czyjś filiżanka reach for one's cup
42. win in the Cup = wygraj w pucharze win in the Cup
przymiotnik + cup
Kolokacji: 89
empty cup • Scottish Cup • European Cup • small cup • Asian Cup • African Cup • German Cup • domestic cup • Greek Cup • ...
przyimek + cup
Kolokacji: 15
out of the FA Cup • over a cup • with a cup • into the cup • about that cup • ...

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