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"crack" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

crack czasownik

crack + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 13
crack jokes • crack one's skull • crack one's knuckles • crack a smile • crack one's head • crack the code • crack the whip • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
1. crack jokes = opowiadać dowcipy, sypać kawałami crack jokes
  • He use to crack jokes in class and mimic teachers.
  • It was hard, he said, to crack jokes in wartime.
  • I like to crack jokes, have a good time.
  • On television, he would crack jokes and implore the fans to show up.
  • He always tries to crack jokes and he's so dry.
  • Newton will crack jokes for an hour straight and loves talking to reporters.
  • Friends said that in private he could be relaxed, even crack jokes.
  • He walked out the door last night cracking jokes.
  • Damon Jones can crack jokes and fall in love with the camera.
  • He is a little bit full of himself, and likes to crack jokes.
2. crack one's skull = pęknięcie czyjś czaszka crack one's skull
4. crack a smile = uśmiechnąć się (przelotnie) crack a smile
5. crack one's head = grzmotnij się głową crack one's head
8. crack one's ribs = pęknięcie czyjś żebra crack one's ribs
9. crack nuts = wyborowe orzechy crack nuts
czasownik + crack
Kolokacji: 9
begin to crack • try to crack • get cracking • cause to crack • start cracking • ...
crack + przyimek
Kolokacji: 28
crack down • crack up • crack under • crack against • crack into • ...
crack + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 16
crack open • finally crack • crack wise • crack apart • crack slightly • ...

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