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consider czasownik

consider + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 386
consider alternatives • consider legislation • consider part • consider factors • consider evidence • consider changes • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. consider alternatives = rozważ alternatywy consider alternatives
2. consider legislation = uważaj ustawodawstwo consider legislation
4. consider factors = zastanów się nad czynnikami consider factors
5. consider changes = zastanów się nad zmianami consider changes
7. consider measures = zastanów się nad środkami consider measures
8. consider ways = uważaj drogi consider ways
11. consider things = uważaj rzeczy consider things
12. consider aspects = rozważ aspekty consider aspects
16. consider one's words = rozważać czyjś słowa consider one's words
17. consider one's position = rozważać czyjś pozycja consider one's position
18. consider property = weź pod uwagę własność consider property
20. consider suicide = zastanów się nad samobójstwem consider suicide
21. consider sites = uważaj miejsca consider sites
22. consider people = uważaj ludzie consider people
24. consider information = rozważ informacje consider information
25. consider one's response = rozważać czyjś odpowiedź consider one's response
27. consider one's age = rozważać czyjś wiek consider one's age
28. consider art = weź pod uwagę sztukę consider art
33. factor to consider = czynnik rozważyć factor to consider
39. consider retirement = rozpatrz emeryturę consider retirement
42. consider a run = uważaj bieg consider a run
46. consider an act = zastanów się nad czynem consider an act
47. consider methods = rozważ metody consider methods
48. consider treatment = uważaj traktowanie consider treatment
49. consider charges = uważaj opłaty consider charges
51. consider a career = weź pod uwagę karierę consider a career
54. consider a success = zastanów się nad sukcesem consider a success
57. consider women = weź pod uwagę kobiety consider women
  • In all probability, he considered other women to be too much bother.
  • To decide whether the conditions of these girls' lives are abusive, consider ordinary children and women.
  • Up to now he had considered women to be distant, almost foreign creatures, who had nothing to do with him.
  • How many school districts have selected, not merely considered women for key leadership roles?
  • Some female veterans have criticized the design, saying it does not consider enlisted women in nonmedical areas.
  • Men who consider women not only fair game, but disposable entertainment.
  • Now they're trying to make him sound like a sexist, like someone who considers women something to play with.
  • The series was considered daring at the time due to its subject matter of a man sharing a flat with two single women.
  • In what other ways, if any, should we consider these notably diverse but stunningly gifted women a group?
60. consider the matter = rozważać sprawę, rozważyć sprawę consider the matter
63. consider a bill = rozpatrzyć projekt ustawy consider a bill
64. consider the source = weź pod uwagę źródło consider the source
67. consider a model = weź pod uwagę modela consider a model
70. consider one's answer = rozważać czyjś odpowiedź consider one's answer
71. consider arguments = uważaj argumenty consider arguments
75. time to consider = czas do namysłu time to consider
79. consider a leader = uważaj przywódca consider a leader
80. consider the founder = weź pod uwagę założyciela consider the founder
81. consider one's decision = rozważać czyjś decyzja consider one's decision
82. consider a number = uważaj liczba consider a number
83. consider an event = zastanów się nad wydarzeniem consider an event
85. consider a member = weź pod uwagę członka consider a member
86. consider the use = uważaj wykorzystanie consider the use
88. consider policy = rozważ politykę consider policy
91. consider one's performance = rozważać czyjś wykonanie consider one's performance
94. consider a prospect = rozważ perspektywę consider a prospect
95. consider an expert = weź pod uwagę specjalistę consider an expert
97. consider a film = zastanów się nad filmem consider a film
98. consider one's statement = rozważać czyjś oświadczenie consider one's statement
99. consider practice = weź pod uwagę praktykę consider practice
100. consider a man = weź pod uwagę człowieka consider a man
czasownik + consider
Kolokacji: 25
pause to consider • refuse to consider • fail to consider • need to consider • begin to consider • forced to consider • seem to consider • ...
consider + przyimek
Kolokacji: 53
considered among • consider by • considered before • considered within • considered including • ...
consider + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 482
generally considered • widely considered • seriously consider • once considered • carefully consider • consider dangerous • ...

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