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"clothes" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

clothes rzeczownik

rzeczownik + clothes
Kolokacji: 49
street clothes • evening clothes • designer clothes • work clothes • baby clothes • ...
clothes + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 13
clothes dryer • clothes closet • clothes shop • clothes hanger • clothes washer • ...
clothes + czasownik
Kolokacji: 45
clothes clean • clothes look • clothes make • clothes hang • clothes fit • ...
czasownik + clothes
Kolokacji: 116
wear clothes • buy clothes • sell clothes • design clothes • make clothes • find clothes • need clothes • change one's clothes • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 41
7. need clothes = ubranie potrzeby need clothes
8. change one's clothes = przebrać się, zmienić ubranie change one's clothes
9. take off one's clothes = rozebrać się, zdjąć ubranie take off one's clothes
13. put one's clothes = kłaść czyjś ubranie put one's clothes
14. put on one's clothes = kłaść czyjś ubranie put on one's clothes
15. remove one's clothes = usuwać czyjś ubranie remove one's clothes
17. strip off one's clothes = pas daleko czyjś ubranie strip off one's clothes
18. tear one's clothes = drzeć czyjś ubranie tear one's clothes
20. put on one's clothes = kłaść czyjś ubranie put on one's clothes
21. leave one's clothes = wychodzić czyjś ubranie leave one's clothes
22. see one's clothes = widzieć czyjś ubranie see one's clothes
23. keep one's clothes = trzymać czyjś ubranie keep one's clothes
26. pull on one's clothes = wciągać czyjś ubranie pull on one's clothes
29. look at one's clothes = patrzeć czyjś ubranie look at one's clothes
31. pick up one's clothes = poprawiać się czyjś ubranie pick up one's clothes
32. hang one's clothes = zawieszać czyjś ubranie hang one's clothes
33. pack one's clothes = paczka czyjś ubranie pack one's clothes
34. like clothes = jak ubranie like clothes
  • Did he actually think that she didn't like clothes?
  • Barbara Bush is wonderful to design for because she likes clothes.
  • I do not like fussy clothes during the day because they get in my way.
  • Ask them why they like certain songs or clothes so you can open up a dialogue about it.
  • And I like clothes that work with the body's movement.
  • "It's a simple product because as a retailer I know women do not like complicated clothes," he said.
  • They are simply there for women who have always liked longer clothes and see no reason to change.
  • I'm not keen on shopping although I like vintage clothes.
  • "Anyone who likes beautiful clothes doesn't want to see them sit in the closet," the designer said.
  • To be a fashion writer, you must have good writing skills - it's not enough simply to like clothes.
35. show clothes = ubranie widowiska show clothes
36. tear off one's clothes = odrywać czyjś ubranie tear off one's clothes
37. shed one's clothes = zrzucać czyjś ubranie shed one's clothes
39. get into one's clothes = dostawać się czyjś ubranie get into one's clothes
40. pull one's clothes = ciągnąć czyjś ubranie pull one's clothes
przymiotnik + clothes
Kolokacji: 174
civilian clothes • clean clothes • plain clothes • wet clothes • dirty clothes • casual clothes • warm clothes • expensive clothes • ...
przyimek + clothes
Kolokacji: 24
without clothes • of clothes • about clothes • with clothes • for clothes • ...

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