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"civic" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

civic przymiotnik

civic + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 118
civic leader • civic group • civic organization • civic duty • civic center • civic life • civic pride • civic affair • civic responsibility • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 17
1. civic leader = przywódca grupy społecznej, działacz społeczny civic leader
2. civic group = miejska grupa civic group
3. civic organization = miejska organizacja civic organization
4. civic duty = obowiązek obywatelski civic duty
5. civic center = centrum rozrywkowe miasta civic center
6. civic life = miejskie życie civic life
7. civic affair = miejska sprawa civic affair
8. civic pride = obywatelska duma civic pride
9. civic responsibility = obywatelska odpowiedzialność civic responsibility
10. civic building = miejski budynek civic building
11. civic association = miejskie stowarzyszenie civic association
12. civic engagement = miejskie zaangażowanie civic engagement
13. civic activity = miejska działalność civic activity
14. civic virtue = cnota obywatelska civic virtue
15. civic event = miejskie wydarzenie civic event
16. civic project = miejski projekt civic project
  • Like other civic projects, this one has been delayed by 9/11.
  • He returned to his dairy business, but remained active with various civic projects.
  • Additionally, the family was active in many other civic projects.
  • The club was responsible for many beautification and civic projects.
  • Village leaders came to depend upon this money for postwar civic projects.
  • Men now provide boxes as well, but the goal remains the same: raising money for a school, church, or civic project.
  • The association launched a number of civic projects early in its history.
  • She proposed initially, without success, a couple of civic projects.
  • Though it was his first major civic project he shows a high level of ingenuity.
  • The most visible signs of this activity are large civic projects.
17. civic institution = miejska instytucja civic institution

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