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choose czasownik

choose + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 178
choose sides • choose songs • choose electors • choose colors • choose life • choose body font • choose Dartmoor • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 56
1. choose sides = opowiadać się po czyjejś stronie, wybierać stronę (w konflikcie) choose sides
2. choose songs = wybierz piosenki choose songs
4. choose colors = wybierz kolory choose colors
6. choose body font = wybierz czcionkę do ciała choose body font
7. choose Dartmoor = wybierz Dartmoor choose Dartmoor
8. choose one's words = wybierać czyjś słowa choose one's words
9. choose airline = wybierz linię lotniczą choose airline
10. Eating to choose = Jedząc wybrać Eating to choose
  • Working as a teacher, he was always able to choose his own subjects.
  • The third point is to consider choosing subjects that help you make sense of your own society.
  • However, I do have some hard and fast general rules about choosing my subjects.
  • Yet the best of these artists choose their subjects with extreme care.
  • The plan is that pupils will no longer choose subjects at the end of S2.
  • In Grade 11/12, students choose subjects which must add up to a minimum of 700 hours per year.
  • In year 9, options are taken for pupils to choose their own subjects.
  • Over the decades, many clearly chose subjects for symbolic value.
  • We've chosen subjects in order to support the maximum number of students we can with the funding available.
  • Free to choose subjects, they focused on a diversity of contemporary issues.
13. choose death = wybierz śmierć choose death
14. choose people = wybierz ludzi choose people
15. choose foods = wybierz jedzenia choose foods
16. choose abortion = wybierz przerwanie ciąży choose abortion
19. choose players = wybierz graczy choose players
20. right to choose = prawy wybrać right to choose
21. choose products = wybierz produkty choose products
26. choose a spot = wybierz miejsce choose a spot
27. choose one's doctors = wybierać czyjś lekarze choose one's doctors
29. choose one's friends = wybierać czyjś przyjaciele choose one's friends
30. choose music = wybierz muzykę choose music
39. choose a man = wybierz człowieka choose a man
44. choose Web pages = wybierz strony internetowe choose Web pages
46. choose a region = wybierz region choose a region
50. choose a minister = wybierz ministra choose a minister
51. freedom to choose = wolność do wybrania freedom to choose
52. choose roles = wybierz role choose roles
53. choose delegates = wybierz delegatów choose delegates
54. choose a country = wybierz kraj choose a country
55. choose a woman = wybierz kobietę choose a woman
56. choose one's victims = wybierać czyjś ofiary choose one's victims
czasownik + choose
Kolokacji: 19
forced to choose • allow to choose • ask to choose • want to choose • get to choose • ...
choose + przyimek
Kolokacji: 43
choose between • choose among • choose from • chosen by • chosen for • ...
choose + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 101
carefully chosen • randomly chosen • deliberately choose • choose wisely • simply choose • eventually choose • finally choose • ...

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