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"choice" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

choice rzeczownik

rzeczownik + choice
Kolokacji: 71
draft choice • career choice • food choice • school choice • color choice • consumer choice • lifestyle choice • policy choice • ...
choice + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 33
Choice Award • Choice Help • choice goalkeeper • Teen Choice Award • choice question • ...
choice + czasownik
Kolokacji: 54
choice includes • choice depends • choice makes • choice comes • choice says • ...
czasownik + choice
Kolokacji: 67
take one's choice • explain one's choice • announce one's choice • choice is limited • offer a choice • face a choice • give a choice • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 17
1. take one's choice = dokonywać wyboru take one's choice
2. explain one's choice = wyjaśniać czyjś wybór explain one's choice
3. announce one's choice = ogłaszać czyjś wybór announce one's choice
6. face a choice = stanąć przed wyborem face a choice
  • American military officials here say they face a difficult choice.
  • If that does not happen, the Administration would face a difficult choice.
  • But certainly those who would make a movie about it face a difficult choice.
  • In the end, Dorothy and her friends face a choice.
  • "Voters face a clear choice about who they want to represent them."
  • If trouble comes, and I'm increasingly sure it will, he'd face a difficult choice.
  • Now politicians face hard choices, and they don't want to make them.
  • All of you will face hard choices in the years ahead, if history's any guide- and it usually is.
  • It is just that voters here are facing a choice between two very different women.
  • Crossing into the light, they each faced a choice, to stay or return.
11. see no choice = nie zobacz żaden wybór see no choice
13. narrow one's choices = wąski czyjś wybory narrow one's choices
14. regret one's choice = żałować czyjś wybór regret one's choice
15. support one's choice = wsparcie czyjś wybór support one's choice
17. defend one's choice = bronić czyjś wybór defend one's choice
przymiotnik + choice
Kolokacji: 262
best choice • better choice • right choice • obvious choice • difficult choice • personal choice • hard choice • tough choice • ...
przyimek + choice
Kolokacji: 23
of choice • by choice • for one's choice • in one's choice • to one's choice • ...

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