"chin" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

chin rzeczownik

rzeczownik + chin
Kolokacji: 8
Mr. Chin • Vincent Chin • Mel Chin • Ms. Chin • Chin Chin • ...
chin + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 13
chin strap • chin whisker • chin beard • Chin State • chin level • ...
chin + czasownik
Kolokacji: 29
chin resting • chin lifts • Mr. Chin says • chin quivers • chin juts • ...
czasownik + chin
Kolokacji: 54
rub one's chin • lift one's chin • scratch one's chin • stroke one's chin • raise one's chin • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
1. rub one's chin = pocierać czyjś broda rub one's chin
2. lift one's chin = winda czyjś broda lift one's chin
3. scratch one's chin = podrap się w brodę scratch one's chin
4. stroke one's chin = cios czyjś broda stroke one's chin
5. raise one's chin = podnosić czyjś broda raise one's chin
6. put under one's chin = podawać narkozę czyjś broda put under one's chin
7. cup one's chin = filiżanka czyjś broda cup one's chin
8. run down one's chin = zbiec czyjś broda run down one's chin
  • Most of the water ran down the captain's chin, but she thought a little got between his lips.
  • He took a sip of water, letting some run down his chin.
  • Running down its chin were bright ribbons of liquid red.
  • I could practically feel the juice running down my chin.
  • Drops ran down his chin and he wiped them away.
  • The dwarf woman drank deep, the wine running down her chin.
  • It most often has a "bib" or white line running down its chin.
  • Bite into a peach and let the juice run down your chin.
  • Some of it ran down her chin, but life came back into her eyes.
  • Can you drink without the dye running down your chin?
9. prop one's chin = podpierać czyjś broda prop one's chin
10. touch one's chin = dotknięcie czyjś broda touch one's chin
11. jerk one's chin = szarpnięcie czyjś broda jerk one's chin
12. take one's chin = brać czyjś broda take one's chin
13. keep one's chin = trzymać czyjś broda keep one's chin
przymiotnik + chin
Kolokacji: 38
double chin • pointed chin • strong chin • bearded chin • square chin • ...
przyimek + chin
Kolokacji: 23
under one's chin • on one's chin • to one's chin • with one's chin • of one's chin • ...

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