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"child" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

child rzeczownik

rzeczownik + child
Kolokacji: 84
poster child • Julia Child • neighborhood child • school child • street child • child of one's marriage • city child • father child • love child • ...
child + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 119
child abuse • child care • child actor • child pornography • child support • child labor • child prodigy • child molester • child welfare • ...
child + czasownik
Kolokacji: 468
child learns • child attends • child grows • child suffers • child cries • child dies • child plays • child enters • child experiences • ...
czasownik + child
Kolokacji: 404
child born • teach children • educate children • bear children • protect children • harm children • affect children • treat children • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
47. look after one's children = zajmować się czyjś dzieci look after one's children
51. extend to one's children = przedłużać czyjś dzieci extend to one's children
55. pick up one's children = poprawiać się czyjś dzieci pick up one's children
57. pass to one's children = mijać aby czyjś dzieci pass to one's children
58. deliver one's child = dostarczać czyjś dziecko deliver one's child
62. let one's children = pozwalać czyjś dzieci let one's children
65. accept children = zaakceptuj dzieci accept children
66. hear children = usłysz dzieci hear children
67. go to one's children = idź do czyjś dzieci go to one's children
69. born as the child = urodzony jako dziecko born as the child
70. sell one's children = sprzedawać czyjś dzieci sell one's children
72. feature children = dzieci cechy feature children
  • It will also prepare at least one evening production that is to feature children from the neighborhood.
  • All of the sequences featured children in the adult roles.
  • It features five animal children, who imagine that their backyard becomes an adventure place.
  • The campaign, called "Future Champions", features children talking about the state of health care and financial security.
  • Small personal movies featuring real children do not necessarily make money.
  • The video features young school-age children in what appears to be an audition.
  • The stories mostly feature children and adolescents, although one story is about a dog.
  • The pictures feature young children, and the entries are limited to "the most common words in the English language," with no parts of speech given.
  • Most of her stories focus on the theme of being different, and often feature children or young people.
  • The station was automated throughout its entire run, but featured children on air personalities at live events.
75. child dressed = dziecko ubrało się child dressed
76. benefit children = dobroczynne dzieci benefit children
77. assist children = pomóż dzieciom assist children
78. child played = dziecko bawiło się child played
79. mean children = skąpe dzieci mean children
81. child aged = dziecko w wieku child aged
83. leave to one's children = wychodzić czyjś dzieci leave to one's children
84. steal children = ukradnij dzieci steal children
86. talk about one's children = rozmawiać czyjś dzieci talk about one's children
87. push one's children = popychać czyjś dzieci push one's children
89. buy for one's children = kupować dla czyjś dzieci buy for one's children
90. send to one's children = wysyłać czyjś dzieci send to one's children
91. stay with one's children = zostawać czyjś dzieci stay with one's children
92. come with one's children = być podawanym w zestawie czyjś dzieci come with one's children
93. give up one's child = machać ręką czyjś dziecko give up one's child
97. aim at children = cel u dzieci aim at children
przymiotnik + child
Kolokacji: 478
young child • unborn child • disabled child • illegitimate child • eldest child • sick child • foster child • school-age child • ...
przyimek + child
Kolokacji: 47
per child • among children • for children • including children • with children • ...

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