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"chance" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

chance rzeczownik

rzeczownik + chance
Kolokacji: 25
percent chance • chance of university place • life chance • chance of survival • chance of success • chance of escape • ...
chance + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 16
chance encounter • chance meeting • chance remark • chance discovery • Chance Saloon • ...
chance + czasownik
Kolokacji: 58
chance comes • chance goes • chance gets • chance says • chance makes • chance seems • chance wins • chance plays • ...
czasownik + chance
Kolokacji: 88
lose one's chance • hurt one's chances • ruin one's chances • lead to chance • end one's chances • like one's chances • create chances • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 37
1. lose one's chance = przegrywać czyjś szansa lose one's chance
2. hurt one's chances = boleć czyjś szanse hurt one's chances
4. lead to chance = spowoduj szansę lead to chance
6. like one's chances = tak jak czyjś szanse like one's chances
7. create chances = stwórz szanse create chances
  • He took a chance and moved the car into the business park.
  • He didn't want to take a chance with the kids.
  • Of course, one never knows with these young women, but I had to take a chance.
  • I took a chance and looked at her eyes again.
  • They saw the light on in a medical building and took a chance.
  • But at some point on difficult issues you have to take a chance.
  • We can take a chance and keep on going after dark.
  • Everyone took a chance, and now they must pay the price.
  • Because I didn't want to take a chance the information would get out.
  • He's trying to do the right thing rather than take a chance every once in a while.
21. blow one's chance = zmarnować szansę, dać ciała, zawalić sprawę blow one's chance
22. leave to chance = wyjdź do szansy leave to chance
23. provide a chance = stanów szansę provide a chance
24. deny the chance = odmów szansy deny the chance
25. want a chance = chciej szansa want a chance
26. meet by chance = spotkaj przez przypadek meet by chance
27. affect one's chances = wpływać czyjś szanse affect one's chances
29. help one's chances = pomoc czyjś szanse help one's chances
30. allow a chance = pozwól szansie allow a chance
31. diminish one's chances = zmniejszać czyjś szanse diminish one's chances
32. minimize the chance = zminimalizuj szansę minimize the chance
33. damage one's chances = uszkodzenie czyjś szanse damage one's chances
35. make one's chances = robić czyjś szanse make one's chances
36. welcome the chance = przyjmij z zadowoleniem szansę welcome the chance
przymiotnik + chance
Kolokacji: 93
good chance • better chance • best chance • only chance • fair chance • slim chance • slight chance • realistic chance • ...
przyimek + chance
Kolokacji: 17
by chance • about one's chances • in several chances • to chance • of chance • ...

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