"championship" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

championship rzeczownik

rzeczownik + championship
Kolokacji: 220
World Championship • state championship • league championship • conference championship • division championship • ...
championship + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 131
championship game • championship team • championship title • championship series • championship season • championship match • ...
championship + czasownik
Kolokacji: 23
championship wins • championship takes • held by the Ultimate Championship • championship comes • championship begins • ...
czasownik + championship
Kolokacji: 77
win at the World Championships • compete at the World Championships • compete in the World Championships • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 33
2. defend one's championship = bronić czyjś mistrzostwa defend one's championship
  • So how might the Sooners still defend their national championship?
  • He fell just one point short of defending his 250cc championship, despite winning five races.
  • The lack of sponsor money certainly did not help the team and Paul was unable to defend his championship in 2004.
  • But yesterday she said defending her championship was far more satisfying.
  • "Let's put these matters behind us and look to the season ahead and defending our national championship."
  • I've been deprived of defending my championship with the same team.
  • In the end it was Hug who got the win and a chance to defend his championship.
  • It won't be this time as the Stars get serious about defending their championship.
  • The fans could vote for who would defend their championship in this match.
  • However, the Lions proved unable to defend their championship in 1965.
10. play in the Minor Championship = zagraj w Drobnych Mistrzostwach play in the Minor Championship
13. qualify for the World Championships = miej kwalifikacje do mistrzostwa świata qualify for the World Championships
21. play at the FIFA Championship = bawić się w FIFA Mistrzostwa play at the FIFA Championship
23. lose the championship = przegraj mistrzostwa lose the championship
25. lead one's Championship = prowadzić czyjś Mistrzostwa lead one's Championship
28. earn one's championship = zarabiać czyjś mistrzostwa earn one's championship
29. championship is organized = mistrzostwa są zorganizowane championship is organized
30. include championships = obejmuj mistrzostwa include championships
33. make at the World Championships = rzuć się na mistrzostwo świata make at the World Championships
przymiotnik + championship
Kolokacji: 105
European Championship • national championship • major championship • consecutive championship • Australian Championship • ...
przyimek + championship
Kolokacji: 19
including several championships • with several championships • during the championship • for the championship • to the championship • ...

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