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"cartoon" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

cartoon rzeczownik

rzeczownik + cartoon
Kolokacji: 32
Disney cartoon • Saturday morning cartoon • Warner Bros. cartoon • television cartoon • Muhammad cartoon • ...
cartoon + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 73
cartoon character • Cartoon Network • Cartoon Bank • cartoon series • cartoon editor • Cartoon Butch Cassidy • cartoon strip • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 10
1. cartoon editor = redaktor rysunkowy cartoon editor
3. Cartoon Network = Cartoon Network (stacja telewizyjna) Cartoon Network
4. Cartoon Bank = Bank rysunkowy Cartoon Bank
  • It is also available as a framed print and as a T-shirt via the Cartoon Bank's Web site.
  • Meanwhile, the Cartoon Bank continues to develop more Web-related, greeting card, calendar and even apparel agreements.
  • Today the Cartoon Bank, though still a tiny company with $200,000 a year in revenues, is growing rapidly.
  • For the artists, the appeal is that they get residual income with little effort because the Cartoon Bank does all the sales and marketing.
  • The Cartoon Bank's fees depend on the type of client, the number of drawings purchased, and whether the buyer is a regular customer.
  • In leaner times, members of the Cartoon Bank have pumped gas and driven airport limousines.
  • For high-resolution prints of cartoons and covers, visit the Cartoon Bank.
  • To search for New Yorker cartoons and covers, visit the Cartoon Bank.
  • Go to the new, improved Cartoon Bank and pick your own perfect cartoon and tell us why.
  • The Cartoon Bank calls itself the world's largest storehouse of cartoon humor.
5. cartoon series = seria rysunkowa cartoon series
6. Cartoon Butch Cassidy = Babochłop rysunkowy Cassidy Cartoon Butch Cassidy
8. cartoon version = wersja rysunkowa cartoon version
9. cartoon figure = liczba rysunkowa cartoon figure
10. cartoon show = widowisko rysunkowe cartoon show
cartoon + czasownik
Kolokacji: 14
cartoon shows • cartoon features • cartoon depicting • cartoon appears • Cartoon makes • ...
czasownik + cartoon
Kolokacji: 22
draw cartoons • get every cartoon • search for New cartoons • cartoon produced • watch cartoons • cartoon is published • ...
przymiotnik + cartoon
Kolokacji: 40
animated cartoon • political cartoon • favorite New cartoon • old cartoon • original cartoon • ...
przyimek + cartoon
Kolokacji: 10
with cartoons • in cartoons • of one's New cartoons • for New cartoons • on cartoons • ...

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