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"care" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

care rzeczownik

rzeczownik + care
Kolokacji: 91
health care • child care • patient care • day care • emergency care • skin care • quality care • home care • hospital care • Animal Care • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 39
4. day care = opieka nad dzieckiem w czasie dnia day care
5. emergency care = opieka w nagłych wypadkach emergency care
7. quality care = opieka wysokiej jakości quality care
8. home care = opieka domowa home care
9. hospital care = opieka szpitalna hospital care
10. Animal Care = Podstawowa Troska Animal Care
12. care of one's mother = opieka z czyjś matka care of one's mother
13. cancer care = opieka związana z rakiem cancer care
15. care of one's needs = opieka z czyjś potrzeby care of one's needs
16. care of one's kids = opieka z czyjś dzieci care of one's kids
17. Diabetes Care = Cukrzyca Opieka Diabetes Care
18. care of one's son = opieka z czyjś syn care of one's son
19. care of the Churches Trust = opieka nad Kościołami Zaufanie care of the Churches Trust
20. customer care = obsługa klienta, dbałość o klienta customer care
  • John had high standards of customer care and quality service.
  • Nothing about environmental impact, customer care, or good business practices.
  • See our guide on how to manage your customer care.
  • For more information, see our guide on how to manage your customer care.
  • The tools have various uses from lead generation to customer care.
  • There are also specific programmes you can put in place to increase your levels of customer care.
  • Since then, the company has expanded to provide services including customer care, technical support and sales to back office processing.
  • As the business grew they began to offer a range of insurance plans that include 24/7 worldwide assistance services and customer care.
  • Training implies that they do not, yet nobody seems to be able to point to any deterioration in customer care.
  • A good product, value for money, the right ambience, customer care and staff involvement.
21. community care = opieka pozaszpitalna community care
22. hair care = pielęgnacja włosów hair care
24. care of one's body = opieka z czyjś ciało care of one's body
25. care of one's parents = opieka z czyjś rodzice care of one's parents
26. care of one's sister = opieka z czyjś siostra care of one's sister
27. care of things = opieka nad rzeczami care of things
28. eye care = opieka oczna eye care
29. care of one's daughter = opieka z czyjś córka care of one's daughter
30. outpatient care = lecznictwo otwarte outpatient care
32. care of one's father = opieka z czyjś ojciec care of one's father
33. charity care = darmowa opieka zdrowotna charity care
34. lawn care = opieka trawnika lawn care
35. infant care = opieka nad niemowlęciem infant care
36. home health care = ochrona zdrowia domowa home health care
37. care of one's brother = opieka z czyjś brat care of one's brother
38. care of one's friends = opieka z czyjś przyjaciele care of one's friends
39. AIDS care = AIDS opieka AIDS care
care + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 112
care plan • care unit • care giver • care facility • care system • care provider • care center • care service • care physician • ...
care + czasownik
Kolokacji: 16
care takes • care needs • care costs • care includes • care provides • ...
czasownik + care
Kolokacji: 82
take care • manage care • provide care • deliver care • seek care • receive care • require care • need care • offer care • get care • ...
przymiotnik + care
Kolokacji: 199
medical care • foster care • intensive care • primary care • long-term care • proper care • prenatal care • dental care • ...
przyimek + care
Kolokacji: 23
of care • with care • without care • for care • into care • ...

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