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building rzeczownik

rzeczownik + building
Kolokacji: 353
office building • apartment building • brick building • stone building • administration building • Parliament building • ...
building + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 162
building material • building block • building code • building boom • building owner • building contractor • building permit • ...
building + czasownik
Kolokacji: 218
building houses • building contains • building dating • building collapses • building undergoes • building features • building rises • ...
czasownik + building
Kolokacji: 253
list building • keep building • protect buildings • create buildings • contain several buildings • building is expanded • open in a building • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 93
3. protect buildings = ochroń budynki protect buildings
6. building is expanded = budynek jest rozwinięty building is expanded
9. show buildings = budynki widowiska show buildings
11. building is renamed = budynek jest przemianowany building is renamed
24. cause to buildings = powód do budynków cause to buildings
25. building is operated = budynek jest posługiwać się building is operated
30. building is torn = budynek jest podarty building is torn
44. building is closed = budynek jest zamknięty building is closed
51. building is planned = budynek jest zaprojektowany building is planned
  • When her husband died, she used the money to buy the building and begin the Home.
  • The city council made an offer to buy the building at market value.
  • The beginning of the end came when new people bought the building last year.
  • We could simply have bought the building through a front.
  • He added that people involved with the center were trying to buy the building for themselves at the same time.
  • Seven years ago, the two came up with a plan to buy a building and open a restaurant.
  • An owner has a choice whether to buy a building.
  • The money can be used to buy buildings, among other things.
  • I can still remember when we heard the news that someone had bought the building and was actually going to move in.
  • In 1990, the building was bought by the city to serve as a community center.
58. building is set = budynek jest zbiorem building is set
59. building is considered = budynek jest uznawany building is considered
60. manage the building = posłuż się budynkiem manage the building
62. blow up buildings = uderzenie w górę budynków blow up buildings
64. maintain the building = utrzymaj w dobrym stanie budynek maintain the building
69. building is moved = budynek jest przestawiony building is moved
71. provide buildings = dostarcz budynki provide buildings
78. use in buildings = wykorzystanie w budynkach use in buildings
80. building is developed = budynek jest rozbudowany building is developed
81. fill the building = napełniać się budynek fill the building
82. turn the building = przekręć budynek turn the building
83. building is found = budynek zostanie znaleziony building is found
84. find in buildings = znajdź w budynkach find in buildings
85. qualify on building = miej kwalifikacje na budynku qualify on building
86. seize buildings = przejmij budynki seize buildings
87. building is faced = do budynku stoją przodem building is faced
88. building is served = budynek jest obsłużony building is served
89. building associated = budynek powiązał building associated
90. produce buildings = wyprodukuj budynki produce buildings
91. use for buildings = wykorzystanie do budynków use for buildings
92. know as the Building = wiedz jako Budynek know as the Building
93. building is lost = budynek zgubi się building is lost
przymiotnik + building
Kolokacji: 558
historic building • main building • tall building • public building • commercial building • residential building • high-rise building • ...
przyimek + building
Kolokacji: 52
by buildings • including buildings • in front of the building • with buildings • on top of the building • ...

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