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borough rzeczownik

rzeczownik + borough
Kolokacji: 49
London Borough • county borough • borough of New City • borough of Queens • borough of Manhattan • ...
borough + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 37
borough president • Borough Council • Borough Park • Borough Hall • Bronx borough president • Manhattan Borough President • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 10
3. Borough Park = Dzielnica Park Borough Park
4. Borough Hall = Dzielnica Sala Borough Hall
7. Queens Borough President = Królowe Dzielnica Prezydent Queens Borough President
  • That number is down from 25 percent 15 years ago, according to borough officials.
  • Borough officials decided they had no choice but to stand fast and fight.
  • The choice appears to have wide support among other borough officials.
  • There is plenty of room to grow in the area, borough officials say.
  • Borough officials said that such a comparison did not apply here.
  • He added that borough officials would now "be answering to someone who will keep them in line."
  • It was clear to borough officials then that Queens needed a coherent system.
  • But they say they are willing to work with borough officials.
  • The chief said he thought the agreement would be private, but borough officials made it public after requests from newspapers.
  • The first election of Borough officials was held on April 27, 1909.
czasownik + borough
Kolokacji: 19
incorporate as a borough • borough is formed • borough is created • cover the Borough • borough is incorporated • ...
przymiotnik + borough
Kolokacji: 22
municipal borough • outer borough • metropolitan borough • parliamentary borough • rotten borough • ...
przyimek + borough
Kolokacji: 13
within the borough • in the borough • from the boroughs • of the borough • for the borough • ...

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