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"bed" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

bed rzeczownik

rzeczownik + bed
Kolokacji: 99
hospital bed • flower bed • bunk bed • stream bed • lake bed • river bed • sea bed • death bed • truck bed • creek bed • test bed • ...
bed + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 33
bed linen • bed sheet • bed rest • Bed Bath • bed frame • ...
bed + czasownik
Kolokacji: 31
bed looks • bed makes • bed stands • bed creaks • bed covers • ...
czasownik + bed
Kolokacji: 101
bed covered • make one's bed • sleep in one's bed • share one's bed • sit down on the bed • leave one's bed • return to one's bed • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 35
  • Not only did I have to make my bed but everyone else's.
  • For the first time since 1983, I started making my bed.
  • But we made our own bed, as you might say.
  • Back home, his mother had made the bed for him most of the time.
  • He put a few things away and made the bed.
  • When I return to the main room, my bed has been made.
  • We can always make a bed, you know, for a couple of days.
  • I took it and made my own bed near the fire.
  • "Why has it been me to get up and be the first one to think about making the bed?"
  • I'd know if any of the staff went in there because they'd make the bed and everything.
2. sleep in one's bed = późno wstawać czyjś łóżko sleep in one's bed
4. leave one's bed = wychodzić czyjś łóżko leave one's bed
5. return to one's bed = wracać czyjś łóżko return to one's bed
6. die in one's bed = umrzyj we własnym łóżku die in one's bed
8. bed covered = łóżko przykryło bed covered
12. climb into bed = wspinaczka do łóżka climb into bed
13. stretch out on the bed = rozciągnij się na łóżku stretch out on the bed
14. lie in bed = kłamstwo w łóżku lie in bed
15. sit by one's bed = siedzieć bezczynnie czyjś łóżko sit by one's bed
16. lay in bed = zgromadź łóżko lay in bed
18. go to bed = iść spać, kłaść się spać go to bed
19. get into bed = położyć się do łóżka get into bed
20. stay in bed = zostań w łóżku stay in bed
21. fall into bed = upadek do łóżka fall into bed
23. put to bed = ukończyć, zakończyć (coś), doprowadzić coś do końca put to bed
24. come to bed = podejdź do łóżka come to bed
25. get to bed = dojdź do łóżka get to bed
27. sit in bed = siedź w łóżku sit in bed
29. send to bed = poślij do łóżka send to bed
30. put in one's bed = zawijać czyjś łóżko put in one's bed
31. find a bed = znajdź łóżko find a bed
32. find in bed = znajdź w łóżku find in bed
33. bed surrounded = łóżko otoczyło bed surrounded
34. lead to the bed = zaprowadź do łóżka lead to the bed
35. tuck into bed = włóż w łóżko tuck into bed
przymiotnik + bed
Kolokacji: 132
double bed • narrow bed • four-poster bed • warm bed • empty bed • soft bed • comfortable bed • single bed • dry bed • big bed • ...
przyimek + bed
Kolokacji: 30
into bed • to bed • before bed • in bed • for bed • ...

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