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bag rzeczownik

rzeczownik + bag
Kolokacji: 145
paper bag • plastic bag • shopping bag • air bag • leather bag • body bag • canvas bag • grocery bag • grab bag • shoulder bag • ...
bag + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 9
bag lady • bag lunch • bag limit • bag search • bag man • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. bag lady = bezdomna kobieta nosząca dobytek w reklamówce bag lady
2. bag lunch = lunch torby bag lunch
3. bag search = torba poszukiwania bag search
  • At least it was for Alex. She sailed through without a bag search.
  • "Something's not working right," he said, referring to the two-step imposition of bag searches in the transit systems.
  • The cathedral was reopened with new security measures, such as bag searches, in place.
  • The police have no plans to increase the frequency of the current bag searches.
  • Security measures in France include increased bag searches and longer delays at airports.
  • You put four good people here doing thorough body and bag searches.
  • Prepare for a bag search... I got a soup to nuts one here.
  • This brings us to the random bag searches that the police have been conducting in the subways since late July.
  • The group began to discuss how bag searches in the transit system might work.
  • The airline has added a feature to its Web site that allows a traveler to learn the status of the bag search.
4. bag man = człowiek torby bag man
5. bag boy = torba chłopiec bag boy
6. bag snatcher = złodziej torebek bag snatcher
(2) limit, liner, End
Kolokacji: 3
bag + czasownik
Kolokacji: 37
bag containing • Bag feeling • bag holds • bag hanging • bag goes • ...
czasownik + bag
Kolokacji: 83
bag filled • bag made • pack one's bags • pick up one's bag • get one's bag • grab one's bag • leave one's bag • use bags • ...
przymiotnik + bag
Kolokacji: 88
mixed bag • heavy bag • small bag • black bag • large bag • big bag • overnight bag • little bag • brown paper bag • old bag • white bag • ...

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