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aviation rzeczownik

rzeczownik + aviation
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Army Aviation • GE Aviation • business aviation • Republic Aviation • Eclipse Aviation • ...
aviation + rzeczownik
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aviation industry • aviation facility • aviation airport • aviation agency • aviation pioneer • aviation history • aviation authority • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 26
2. aviation facility = obiekt lotniczy aviation facility
3. aviation airport = lotnisko lotnicze aviation airport
4. aviation agency = agencja lotnicza aviation agency
  • The French civil aviation authorities were expected to support the case.
  • "We are already comfortable with their aviation authority, from years of personal experience," he said.
  • Each national aviation authority has a source of information about airports in their country.
  • European aviation authorities have made plans to require a similar system in the next few years.
  • Civil aviation authorities were said to be investigating, but the results had not been made public.
  • What aircraft require a type rating is decided by the local aviation authority.
  • China's civil aviation authority said it had no preliminary information about the cause of the crash.
  • However, their production was extremely slow, without much attention of the aviation authorities, with the first 10 aircraft taking more than eight months.
  • Crowds and aviation authorities gathered on the morning of the 13 September 1906.
  • In the early 1960s, the university is beginning to welcome its first students and trainees from foreign civil aviation authorities.
8. Federal Aviation Administration = Federalna Agencja Nadzoru Transportu Lotniczego (w USA) Federal Aviation Administration
10. aviation fuel = paliwo lotnicze aviation fuel
12. aviation expert = specjalista lotniczy aviation expert
13. Civil Aviation Authority = Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego, ULC Civil Aviation Authority
14. aviation accident = katastrofa lotnicza aviation accident
16. aviation aircraft = samolot lotniczy aviation aircraft
17. aviation safety = bezpieczeństwo lotnicze aviation safety
20. aviation security = bezpieczeństwo lotnicze aviation security
21. Aviation Week = Tydzień lotniczy Aviation Week
24. International Civil Aviation Organization = Organizacja międzynarodowe lotnictwo cywilne International Civil Aviation Organization
czasownik + aviation
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promote aviation • use in aviation • use for aviation • serve aviation • regulate aviation • ...
przymiotnik + aviation
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general aviation • civil aviation • commercial aviation • military aviation • naval aviation • ...
przyimek + aviation
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of aviation • in aviation • for aviation • to aviation • on aviation • ...

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