"approval" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

approval rzeczownik

rzeczownik + approval
Kolokacji: 48
Senate approval • board approval • court approval • government approval • state approval • shareholder approval • drug approval • ...
approval + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 9
approval rating • approval process • approval rate • job approval rating • percent approval rating • ...
approval + czasownik
Kolokacji: 10
approval comes • approval requires • approval means • approval follows • approval takes • ...
czasownik + approval
Kolokacji: 59
win approval • require approval • receive approval • seek approval • obtain approval • gain approval • grant approval • nod approval • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 25
4. seek approval = zwróć się z prośbą o aprobatę seek approval
  • Since then, the company says, it has spent more than $3 million on plans and studies to obtain the project's approval.
  • But because the drugs are new, it will take at least five years to obtain approval for use in patients.
  • How do I obtain approval to use a sensitive word in my business name?
  • Many universities require a student to obtain approval before taking a summer school course at a community college or another university.
  • Under that plan, the commission would not have had to return to the Council with its findings to obtain additional approval.
  • He would need to obtain approval for something that had not been done in coastal waters.
  • Initial planning has started with the intention of obtaining approval in early 1993.
  • To call a referendum, he must obtain approval from parliament.
  • The employee can still obtain written approval if he/she desires.
  • Of those banks, 65 have obtained approval in Washington to continue beyond the 90-day temporary limit.
8. nod approval = aprobata kiwnięcia głową nod approval
13. change without one's approval = zmiana na zewnątrz czyjś aprobata change without one's approval
14. use without one's approval = używać na zewnątrz czyjś aprobata use without one's approval
17. submit for approval = przedstawiać do zatwierdzenia submit for approval
18. recommend approval = zalecaj zatwierdzenie recommend approval
20. delay approval = aprobata opóźnienia delay approval
21. nod in approval = kiwnięcie głową w aprobacie nod in approval
22. take without one's approval = brać na zewnątrz czyjś aprobata take without one's approval
24. meet one's approval = spotykać czyjś aprobata meet one's approval
przymiotnik + approval
Kolokacji: 95
final approval • Congressional approval • regulatory approval • legislative approval • prior approval • tacit approval • formal approval • ...
przyimek + approval
Kolokacji: 23
for approval • of approval • with approval • after approval • without one's approval • ...

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