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"amount" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

amount rzeczownik

rzeczownik + amount
Kolokacji: 134
dollar amount • trace amount • loan amount • set amount • record amount • payment amount • amount of money • ...
amount + czasownik
Kolokacji: 99
amount varies • amount depends • amount increases • amount exceeds • amount goes • amount makes • amount causes • ...
czasownik + amount
Kolokacji: 209
sell amounts • contain amounts • produce amounts • make an amount • provide an amount • generate an amount • consume amounts • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 90
1. sell amounts = sprzedaj ilości sell amounts
9. release amounts = ilości zwalniające release amounts
10. see an amount = zobacz ilość see an amount
13. hold an amount = utrzymaj ilość hold an amount
15. buy amounts = kup ilości buy amounts
  • Even if they do not buy large amounts every day, their steady purchases add up quickly.
  • The rest of us should buy small amounts and keep it in a vegetable drawer.
  • For those who wish to buy larger amounts of currency, the solution may be to use a money broker.
  • These specialists can allow you to buy larger amounts of money at an advantageous rate.
  • The family will have to buy much smaller amounts.
  • The people along the road and in terminal end cities bought large amounts of stock, financing half the company.
  • "It was better for those wanting to buy large amounts without moving the market," he said.
  • The girls around her knew it too, even as they bought small amounts of dope for the weekend.
  • On the spot, he bought vast amounts and had them shipped to England.
  • People were often allowed to buy only small amounts of foreign currency.
18. use in amounts = wykorzystanie w ilościach use in amounts
19. eat amounts = zjedz ilości eat amounts
22. amount owed = kwota do zapłacenia amount owed
24. cost an amount = kosztuj ilość cost an amount
27. amount charged = ilość pobrała opłatę amount charged
29. decrease the amount = zmniejsz ilość decrease the amount
30. leave an amount = zostaw ilość leave an amount
31. increase the amount = zwiększ ilość increase the amount
32. limit the amount = ogranicz ilość limit the amount
33. double the amount = podwój ilość double the amount
34. send amounts = wyślij ilości send amounts
39. devote an amount = poświęć ilość devote an amount
48. gain an amount = zyskaj ilość gain an amount
52. cover an amount = pokryj ilość cover an amount
56. save an amount = oszczędź ilość save an amount
63. put an amount = włóż ilość put an amount
64. amount is kept = ilość jest zatrzymana amount is kept
65. handle amounts = obróć ilościami handle amounts
67. sell for an amount = sprzedaj za ilość sell for an amount
68. amount is set = ilość jest ustawiona amount is set
69. obtain an amount = uzyskaj ilość obtain an amount
71. amount allocated = ilość przydzieliła amount allocated
73. move amounts = ilości ruchu move amounts
74. write an amount = napisz ilość write an amount
77. place an amount = umieść ilość place an amount
84. find in amounts = znajdź w ilościach find in amounts
85. amount is called = ilość jest zażądana spłaty amount is called
86. take up an amount = podnieś ilość take up an amount
87. achieve an amount = osiągnij ilość achieve an amount
88. learn an amount = naucz się ilości learn an amount
89. amount awarded = ilość przyznała amount awarded
90. own an amount = posiadaj ilość own an amount
przymiotnik + amount
Kolokacji: 255
large amount • small amount • certain amount • significant amount • huge amount • considerable amount • fair amount • ...
przyimek + amount
Kolokacji: 24
after an amount • that amount • into an amount • by an amount • between the amount • ...

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