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alike przysłówek

czasownik + alike
Kolokacji: 42
look alike • think alike • alike say • dressed alike • sound alike • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
1. look alike = popatrz podobnie look alike
2. think alike = pomyśl podobnie think alike
3. alike say = podobnie powiedz alike say
  • Parents and experts alike said they do not think the incidence of sexual abuse is necessarily higher now.
  • Republican and Democratic officials alike said they believed it was unlikely that the high court would consider the case before the fall.
  • Republicans and Democrats alike said that his choice of a running mate would be particularly important this time around.
  • Liberals and conservatives alike say no book since then has had such a force on the American social structure.
  • Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike said the airlines' biggest problems were of their own making.
  • Managers and employees alike say the discussion groups serve two key purposes.
  • If it was ever easy to be a writer, the published and the rejected alike say, this is not the time.
  • Teacher and students alike said their personal writing had been affected by participation in the program.
  • Citizens and the police alike say the tactic appears to work in some areas.
4. dressed alike = ubrany podobnie dressed alike
5. sound alike = dźwięk podobnie sound alike
6. received alike = otrzymany podobnie received alike

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