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"aisle" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

aisle rzeczownik

rzeczownik + aisle
Kolokacji: 13
center aisle • side aisle • supermarket aisle • plane aisle • north aisle • ...
czasownik + aisle
Kolokacji: 7
aisle is added • walk down the aisle • consist of aisles • aisle separated • aisle divided • ...
przymiotnik + aisle
Kolokacji: 21
narrow aisle • central aisle • wide aisle • long aisle • main aisle • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 4
1. narrow aisle = wąskie przejście narrow aisle
2. central aisle = nawa główna central aisle
  • She turned at the huge double doors and started back up the central aisle to the high table.
  • About half way back, next to the central aisle, would be ideal, she decided.
  • Looking down over the audience, I went toward the top of the wide central aisle.
  • The great audience turned as one toward the doors at the end of the long central aisle.
  • The spectators sat and stood on either side of the wide central aisle.
  • I got in line with the people moving slowly down the central aisle and past the body.
  • A central aisle ran for the entire length of the car.
  • I followed her down a central aisle, careful to step exactly where she did.
  • After two years of work, the central aisle was completely renovated.
  • It was hardly possible to have everyone file down a central aisle as at a church.
3. wide aisle = szerokie przejście wide aisle
4. long aisle = długie przejście long aisle
przyimek + aisle
Kolokacji: 11
with aisles • down the aisle • across the aisle • into the aisle • of the aisle • ...

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