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adverse przymiotnik

adverse + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 44
adverse effect • adverse reaction • adverse condition • adverse impact • adverse event • adverse consequence • adverse publicity • ...
częste kolokacje
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4. adverse impact = szkodliwy wpływ adverse impact
5. adverse event = zdarzenie niepożądane adverse event
6. adverse consequence = niepożądana konsekwencja adverse consequence
7. adverse publicity = antyreklama, negatywny wizerunek, przedstawienie kogoś lub czegoś w niekorzystnym świetle adverse publicity
9. adverse outcome = niepomyślny efekt, szkodliwe działanie uboczne, szkodliwy skutek, działanie niepożądane adverse outcome
  • Other studies have found an independent association of child sexual abuse with adverse psychological outcomes.
  • Error is not uncommon in health care and can have adverse outcomes.
  • One concern about depression in pregnancy is adverse outcomes to the baby, she said.
  • Using variables available in the emergency room, people with a higher risk of adverse outcome can be identified.
  • We view this as a new way of looking at adverse outcomes.
  • At one year, there is a relative risk of 2.3 for adverse outcomes.
  • There may be several breakdowns in processes to allow one adverse outcome.
  • However, research suggests that, for the most part, these adverse outcomes do not occur.
  • If you continue to fail, however, you'll go down the list of adverse outcomes.
  • Income inequality is also associated with adverse outcomes for society as a whole.
10. adverse circumstance = niekorzystna okoliczność adverse circumstance
przysłówek + adverse
Kolokacji: 4
potentially adverse • most adverse • extremely adverse • materially adverse

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