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"account" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

account rzeczownik

rzeczownik + account
Kolokacji: 157
bank account • Twitter account • retirement account • eyewitness account • email account • newspaper account • savings account • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 46
3. news account = wiadomości konto news account
6. email account = konto e-mail email account
8. savings account = rachunek oszczędnościowy, konto oszczędnościowe savings account
9. expense account = fundusz reprezentacyjny expense account
10. users account = użytkownicy uważają users account
11. checking account = rachunek bieżący checking account
12. escrow account = rachunek powierniczy escrow account
13. investment account = konto inwestycyjne investment account
16. account of one's death = konto z czyjś śmierć account of one's death
18. Facebook account = Facebook konto Facebook account
20. account of one's journey = konto z czyjś podróż account of one's journey
21. YouTube account = YouTube konto YouTube account
22. advertising account = klient agencji reklamowej advertising account
23. account of one's time = konto z czyjś czas account of one's time
24. account of one's work = konto z czyjś praca account of one's work
25. customer account = konto klienta customer account
26. witness account = konto świadka witness account
27. campaign account = konto kampanii campaign account
28. press account = konto prasowe press account
  • Local press accounts say he has presented the ministry with his own $1 million proposal for work at the site.
  • "The fact that this is not picked up in the press accounts, I can't do anything about," she said.
  • The film, based on press accounts of the case, is being made in Vancouver.
  • And, according to local press accounts, business at the nine hospitals has fallen off.
  • The press accounts do not give the names of the women making the accusations.
  • They were put in a blind trust last year after press accounts questioned the relationship.
  • I thought it was important for them to hear firsthand, other than through press accounts.
  • None of these foreign participants, who have figured in press accounts, were interviewed by the committee.
  • Later press accounts, offering no explanation for the suicide, said he had been married only the day before.
  • A musical based on the 1840 press account of a real case.
30. account of one's career = konto z czyjś kariera account of one's career
31. brokerage account = rachunek maklerski brokerage account
32. money market account = rachunek środków lokowanych na rynku pieniężnym money market account
33. account of one's activities = konto z czyjś działalności account of one's activities
34. account of one's visit = konto z czyjś wizyta account of one's visit
37. business account = konto firmowe, rachunek firmowy business account
38. bank money market account = rachunek środków lokowanych na rynku pieniężnym bankowy bank money market account
41. deposit account = rachunek depozytowy deposit account
42. trust account = rachunek powierniczy trust account
43. credit account = konto kredytowe credit account
44. media account = konto medialne media account
45. account of one's role = konto z czyjś rola account of one's role
46. account of one's trip = konto z czyjś podróż account of one's trip
account + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 35
account executive • account manager • account number • account book • account holder • account deficit • account balance • ...
account + czasownik
Kolokacji: 96
account suggests • account differs • account describes • account says • account appears • account varies • account makes • ...
czasownik + account
Kolokacji: 131
settle accounts • take account • hear accounts • keep accounts • sign up for an account • handle one's account • read one's account • ...
przymiotnik + account
Kolokacji: 381
detailed account • personal account • historical account • full account • private account • contemporary account • official account • ...
przyimek + account
Kolokacji: 22
into account • in one's account • to one's account • on one's account • from one's account • ...

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