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accent rzeczownik

rzeczownik + accent
Kolokacji: 37
Brooklyn accent • Boston accent • New York accent • Yorkshire accent • Texas accent • ...
accent + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 6
accent mark • accent color • accent plant • accent piece • accent lighting • ...
(1) mark, plant, piece
Kolokacji: 3
1. accent mark = znak akcentu w zapisie muzycznym accent mark
2. accent plant = akcent roślina accent plant
3. accent piece = kawałek akcentu accent piece
  • "They were like his accent piece."
  • They're smaller accent pieces that don't have to be on all the time.
  • Sheet metal parts such as laser cut gussets are also used as accent pieces on the bike.
  • "We use 50's as special accent pieces," he said.
  • Philippe also used leather and high-tech materials such as carbon fiber for accent pieces, but stayed true to the use of the primary material selection.
  • The pañuelo is a stiff covering for the neck, which acts as an accent piece because of embellishments added to it.
  • As decorators and/or accent pieces to add character to room space.
  • A rooster theme is carried out on seat cushions around the country pine dining table and in whimsical accent pieces.
  • Illuminate your accent pieces with color and lighting.
  • Using (hopefully faux) fur as an accent piece to draw attention to the ensemble.
(2) color, lighting, light
Kolokacji: 3
accent + czasownik
Kolokacji: 13
accent makes • accent sounds • accent thickens • accent comes • accent seems • ...
czasownik + accent
Kolokacji: 10
use an accent • hear one's accent • lose one's accent • give an accent • speak with an accent • ...
przymiotnik + accent
Kolokacji: 148
British accent • American accent • thick accent • French accent • English accent • heavy accent • German accent • strong accent • ...
przyimek + accent
Kolokacji: 11
to one's accent • for accents • with an accent • of an accent • in an accent • ...

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