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abroad przysłówek

czasownik + abroad
Kolokacji: 95
travel abroad • go abroad • live abroad • study abroad • work abroad • sent abroad • move abroad • sold abroad • play abroad • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 16
2. go abroad = jechać za granicę go abroad
  • I have got someone else and we are going abroad.
  • Since his return, he has thought of nothing but going abroad again.
  • He is one of the 13 in the church expected to go abroad.
  • But the best of them have to go abroad to find work.
  • Should I get a job here, or go abroad and look?
  • Some students said many wanted either to go abroad or to make a lot of money and live an easy life.
  • But then, they also have an offer to go abroad.
  • He then decided to go abroad and left for Europe.
  • That makes people look to go abroad and they come here.
  • I see it as a chance to get some experience and practice before going abroad.
3. live abroad = mieszkać za granicą live abroad
4. study abroad = studiować za granicą, uczyć się za granicą study abroad
5. work abroad = pracuj za granicą work abroad
6. sent abroad = wysłany za granicą sent abroad
7. move abroad = przeprowadzić się za granicę move abroad
8. sold abroad = sprzedany za granicą sold abroad
9. play abroad = zagraj za granicą play abroad
10. look abroad = popatrz za granicą look abroad
11. serve abroad = służ za granicą serve abroad
12. spend abroad = wydaj za granicą spend abroad
13. born abroad = urodzony za granicą born abroad
14. flee abroad = ucieknij za granicą flee abroad
15. invest abroad = zainwestuj za granicą invest abroad
16. make abroad = zrób za granicą make abroad
przyimek + abroad
Kolokacji: 3
from abroad • in abroad • at abroad

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